What we're about

This group is about building community around heart centered communication and transparency tools.

Come to these events if you:

· Are tired of how personality conflicts can destroy groups, and want to turn them into growth opportunities.

· Want to provide a space to develop empathy and compassion.

· Want to create a space where all sides of a conflict are witnessed with compassion and curiosity, leading to clarity about peaceful resolution.

· Want methods for supporting your group to share visions, common goals and values.

· Are practicing leadership at the organizational or professional level and want to make it more personal.

· Are a part of a spiritual community, personal growth group or interested in social change on a local or global scale.

· Are interested in sustainable community living.

ZEGG Forum ( http://www.zegg-forum.org/index_en.phtml ) is a powerful tool for community transparency - it’s a compassionate and transformative space for revealing whatever is hidden but influencing the common “field.” Forum can bring out issues of sex, power, money, competition, love, or any other aspect of consciousness – individuals’ process and perspectives come forth and are held in compassion as part of the shared story of being human.

Past events (7)

Zegg FORUM Workshop with Ina and Achim

Needs a location

Advanced ZEGG Forum Part 2

Needs a location

Advanced ZEGG Forum 2 Day Workshop

Needs a location

Deepening Community, Deepening the Heart Part 2

Needs a location