NYMOBS #3 - Big Questions/ Big Answers


Needs a location


#NYMOBS - Still free, but hopefully you'll take a few seconds out of your day to tweet about the group!

We received a lot of great feedback, so here we go! Our last #NYMOBS Meetup featured one of the most successful VC's in NYC. This next Meetup is one that you don't want to miss as a Founder, early employee or someone with an idea that just wants to know how to get started... because you'll:

Find no BS answers to questions that you probably have, yet never can find thoughtful answers to, including:

- Who do I need to know to give my mobile startup the edge?

- How do I get users for my app without a huge budget?

- How much equity should early employees receive?

- Should I look into a co-working space?

- Bootstrap or raise money?

And a lot, lot more! As always, we'll also have plenty of time to mingle with talented/interesting people focused on mobile. More details coming soon.. see you there and RSVP early!