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Cocktails & Conversations: Roulette

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"A space where TV, literature, and film

do not fear to tread.

The nowhere where we spend

almost all of the time with our partners.

Anyone who's entered a room with a new love

and ended up barely leaving it for a week will relate."

One of our most popular themes!

Topics are randomly selected

by and from NY Phi members

throughout the evening.

"A famous tale was a table-tennis match against

former Wimbledon champion Bobby Riggs.

[Amarillo] Slim challenged Riggs to a match

for a considerable sum of money

under the stipulation that he chose the rackets.

When Slim showed up holding two frying pans

— that he had practiced for weeks with —

Riggs was blindsided and lost the match.

Slim later played a table tennis world champion,

and again exercised his racket stipulation.

The champion practiced with frying pans,

but Slim showed up with two empty Coke bottles.

Yep, he won that one, too."

Please have a Coke bottle question in mind.

A Cocktails & Conversations event combines

a Manhattan intellectual environment,

a social atmosphere,

and food and drink

for New Yorkers

to imbibe.

How to Participate Online

#nyphiroulette (!/search/%23nyphiroulette)

How to Attend the Live Event

All members in good standing are welcome to RSVP and attend.

Due to the limited spots at our events, anyone who has been a no-show for a past event must pay the $10 no-show fee online before RSVPing for another event. See our Attendance Policy ( for details.

Over the course of the evening, members gather in small groups for discussions. Between each discussion round, everyone socializes and has a chance to order food/drink. With a chance to join several groups throughout the event, attendees have a chance to meet many others while engaging in spirited debates in a highly social atmosphere.

Drink Specials 6 - 8 PM

$3 Select Domestic Bottles

$4 Select Domestic Drafts

$5 Margaritas & Cosmos

$10 Select Pitchers

Full Dinner Menu All Evening

Hope You Can Join Us!


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