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Cocktails & Conversations: Fantasy Carnival

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Ever been to a Carnival where you can

wander from place to place,

discussing your favorite fantasy

topics, books, TV shows, movies, influences, ideas?

We didn't think so. Us neither.

Join us for an evening of

spirited discussions of all things fantastic.

Everything from previous TV/video broadcasts

of any topic is allowed -

spoilers from any books are not permitted.

This event is co-hosted by

New York Philosophy (


New York Sci-Fi & Fantasy (

Join us for food, drinks, and discussions at Irish Rogue.

This event combines

food and drink,

a casual Manhattan intellectual environment,

and a social atmosphere

for New Yorkers to get together, mingle, and discuss.

How to Participate Online

#nyphifantasy (!/search/%23nyphifantasy)

How to Attend the Live Event

All members in good standing are welcome to RSVP and attend.

Due to the limited spots at our events, anyone who has been a no-show for a past event must pay the $10 no-show fee online before RSVPing for another event. See our Attendance Policy ( for details.

Over the course of the evening, members gather in small groups for discussions. Between each discussion round, everyone socializes and has a chance to order food/drink. With a chance to join several groups throughout the event, attendees have a chance to meet many others while engaging in spirited debates in a highly social atmosphere.

Drink Specials

Half-Price Specialty Cocktails

$6 Beer & Wine

$7 Wells

Food Specials

49 Grove is well-known for its

Specialty Cocktail and Food Menu (PDF) (

How do people avoid

Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes,

"the war of all against all",

and how does an individual

avoid a life that is

"solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short"?

Well, specialty martinis in the West Village

are a good start!

Hope You Can Join Us!