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Welcome Slice Hunters!

This is the original group about experiencing NYC's pizza scene and hanging out with fellow eaters. There’s never been another one before :)

We'll be organizing events like pizza hunts around the 5 Boroughs (and maybe Jersey City or Yonkers if it's worth it), exercise classes followed by pizza, and pizza costume parties. We might even try to get a group rate at a pizza making class.

As pizza people, we understand the value of documenting our eating. Taking photos and posting Instagram is encouraged - the more we do this, the more free pizza! NY style slices are made around the world but nowhere else has the breadth and quality of the Big Apple. The world will benefit when we share our delicious experiences with the world (and hopefully travel to NYC to join us in the future).

Follow us on Instagram for additional event info and photos: @originalnypizzameetup

Thanks for being the original.
Lets gooooooooo!

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Mamas, I'm coming home!

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Mamas, I'm coming home!

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