NYC Quantum Computing Meetup March 2, 2021

New York Quantum Computing Meetup
New York Quantum Computing Meetup
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Our speaker for this meetup is Stefan Krastanov who will talk about Optimized Entanglement Purification.

Abstract: Quantum Entanglement is one of the resources that provide an advantage to quantum information processing that is inaccessible to classical hardware. However, the generation of quantum entanglement is a process prone to errors. We will discuss the standard techniques for mitigating these imperfections and delve deeper in how to optimally apply these techniques to the realistic noisy hardware becoming available in the upcoming decade. This talk would be provide something of interest both to novices starting to learn about quantum networks and to the experts interested in generating the best purification circuit for their particular hardware. Circuit simulation and optimization techniques will be discussed.

Bio: Stefan is a postdoctoral researcher at MIT working on quantum control problems for computation and networking, in particular designing room-temperature realizations of quantum hardware. He defended his doctorate in 2019 in Liang Jiang's group at the Yale Quantum Institute. Most of his free time Stefan spends on K12 outreach, including the design of low-cost educational programs and kits.