NYC Quantum Computing Meetup May 12, 2021

New York Quantum Computing Meetup
New York Quantum Computing Meetup
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Jim Walker from Honeywell Quantum Solutions will talk about Honeywell's quantum technology.

You can find more information about their H0 and H1 systems at and


Jim Walker has a diverse background in software development, testing and automation. He has experience at all layers of the software stack including device and real-time processing and programming language development and compiling. Currently, Jim leads part of the software team that focuses on translating and processing quantum programs on the Honeywell quantum computers and develops and supports the software that performs the quantum operations in real-time. He is a member of the team of scientists and engineers that develop and support the Honeywell commercial and research quantum systems including the Honeywell System Model H0 and Honeywell System Model H1, which are the highest performing quantum computers currently available.