NYC Quantum Computing Meetup July 27, 2021

New York Quantum Computing Meetup
New York Quantum Computing Meetup
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Dr. Mark Jackson from Cambridge Quantum Computing will talk about tket.


“tket” is an architecture-agnostic quantum software stack and ‘best in class’ compiler. tket translates machine independent algorithms into executable circuits, optimising for physical qubit layout whilst reducing the number of required operations. tket's state-of-the-art qubit scheduling and routing protocol ensures optimal results even in the Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) era. This enables our partners, collaborators and clients to effortlessly work across multiple platforms and tackle some of the most intriguing and important problems in chemistry, material science, finance and optimization.


Dr. Mark Jackson is the Quantum Evangelist at Cambridge Quantum Computing. He received his B.S. in Physics and Mathematics from Duke University and Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Columbia University. He then spent 10 years researching superstring theory and cosmology, co-authoring almost 40 technical articles. To promote the public understanding of science, he founded the science crowdfunding platform Fiat Physica and non-profit Science Partnership Fund. He is Adjunct Faculty at Singularity University and a Director of Astronomers Without Borders.