NY's 2nd Annual Real Estate Investors Expo


* 100% local & applicable education
** No Guru's & Absolutely no up-selling at the event!

Have you ever wanted to meet and learn from the top investors in the state? If yes, then this is an event not to miss! At this one day expo, the TOP local wholesalers, fix and flip, cashflow and commercial investors will be sharing with us what is working and not working in today's market!

Topics such as:
1. Assignments & Back-to-Back closings
2. How to manage fix & flips so they don't fail
3. Turn-Key Real Estate Investing
4. How to Raise Money
5. The Biggest Risk in Hard Money
6. How to build a real estate portfolio fast with the BRRR strategy
7. Go big or go home with apartment Houses
8. No Doc New Purchase & Refinancing
9. How to go from zero to 80 million dollar operation
10. Landlord Tenant Specialist
11. How to work with Realtors to get Deals
12. Force Appreciation & Add a levels
13. No Doc, No Appraisal Hard money loans & when to use it
14. Balancing Debt/Equity & when to use which
15. 100% Financing vs Joint ventures. Risks and Rewards.
16. How to qualify a perfect tenant
17. Fannie Mae Fix & Flip Mortgages for Investors
18. Using Self-Directed IRAs to Grow Your Real Estate Business
19. 100% Financing for Fix and Flips
20. Crazy Returns with Special Needs Housing
And 20 more topics yet to be announced

Along with the above, we will be featuring all the top vendors in the industry. Yes, these vendors are companies we actually work with LOCALLY right now.

Warning: This is not a intro real estate investor event. If you are new you might be over whelmed by the amount of material that will be shared, so I recommend you stay home.


There will be 500+ investors, 30+ Speakers, 30+ Topics and 30+ Vendors in attendance. This is an event not to miss! RSVP & make Payment now so you can save

- $100 - Advance Payment
- $150 - Door Admission

*Prime Members - email [masked] for your discount code.




If you are interested in speaking at our event please each out to Nick Tang about early bird specials.

If you are interested in being a media sponsor please reach out to Nick Tang