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WORKSHOP: 100% Financing & How to make More Money with Fix & Flip

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Nick T. and Elijah B.


Fixing & Flipping houses is known to be one of the most profitable strategies in the business of real estate investing. To be successful one must have the money to do the business, know how to find the best deals, and estimate rehabs + manage contractors.

Knowing what I know today I can say 100% of the above is not true! Sure you need money to do the business but 100% of it doesn't have to be yours. Plus, there is so much money out there right now, if you just know where to look and how to structure it you can get 100% financing for all your fix and flips. This is 100% financing for purchase and renovations!

Next comes finding deals... Have you ever heard of the saying who controls the money controls the deal? This being said, if you are the one with access to 100% financing aka as the money, why in the world are you working hard looking for deals? Yes, deals should be looking for you! Wholesalers and Realtors should be the people working hard hunting down deals for you!

Last but not least, one must know how to estimate rehabs + manage contractors to do the business... This is 100% true if you want to run a fix and flip business where you will most likely max out at about 10 to 20 houses a year... and Yes that is plenty, but if you want to do 50+ houses a year, you have to learn how to estimate rehabs without seeing your properties and manage your contractors without managing them! We are simply our greatest strength and biggest bottleneck. Attend the event and learn all of the above and more!

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