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This is a group for musicians interested in jamming with others who share a passion for vocal jazz. I started this group to meet and jam with others who enjoy jazz, with an emphasis on creating an environment where jazz singers and musicians can make great music. Emphasis will be on the American Songbook. Jams will be held in NYC at a rehearsal studio, and all attending will share rental costs [about $25 each person for 3 hours]. I will distribute a 5 song set list in advance, and ask that everyone learn the songs as best they can. Other songs welcome as well.
I am thinking of having at least one set per month, but we may end up with a bi-monthly schedule. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Basic Information: [Please read]

Here is some information to keep in mind:

1. Kindness and consideration: It is important to everyone that these sessions are fun, reflecting our common love of jazz standards. Please be kind and considerate to other players. It is probable that skill and experience levels will vary widely. I ask: please no attitude. Thank you!

2. Sessions information: The sessions will be three hours long. I will distribute a 5 to 7 song set list with charts when each session is announced. Please be prepared on the set list. We could easily take suggestions for other tunes as well. I will try to balance instrumentalists and vocalists so that the greatest number of us have a chance to play/sing. I will limit the number and type of instruments so that we all have the right mix. Please understand that we may need to take turns playing or singing.

3. A note for vocalists: Please understand that many of the instrumentalists will not have experience with vocalists. Let's be patient with one another! In addition, we will not be in a position to transpose the charts into different keys at this point – please be prepared to sing in the key as shown on the charts.

4. Sharing the cost of rehearsal space: The sessions will be held at Minchiko Studios, 149 West 46th Street, New York. [Michiko is a good jazz studio. If you are unfamiliar with it, please take a look here https://michikostudios.com/ ] Each studio has a piano, drum set, microphone and amps. Guitarists or anyone using pick ups should bring their own cords.

a. Shared costs: I will pre-book the space, and charge each participant $25 per session, prepaid when you accept the meeting invitation.

b. Cancellations: please understand that I will not be in a position to refund anyone’s rehearsal share unless someone else volunteers to take their place. For refunds, you should know that MeetUp takes about 10% of fees, and so I will only be able refund 90% of your payments.

5. “Auditors” or session visitors: I am happy to have observers, but need to insist on a few things. First, only those who have paid their share will be permitted to play/sing music. This is only fair. Also, we may not have enough room to accommodate visitors. There are limits placed on the number of people who can be in the rooms by the rehearsal studio. Finally, please do not record the sessions unless all agree.

6. Registering for a primary instrument/vocals: When registering for a session please specify your primary instrument or vocals. [For example, if you are a drummer and a vocalist, let me know if you consider one or the other your primary choice for this session] For those who do not specify, I will be forced to guess... Please don't make me guess as I am not that smart!

Please let me know if anyone has questions. Thanks!

Finally, I would like to thank Alice Kim, organizer of the NYC Jazz Musicians Hang, for her help, kindness, time and inspiration.

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