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Trees are all around us, yet we tend to overlook their unique ability to heal our body and spirit. The Linden tree is common throughout New York City and Central Park. They are beautiful, stately trees, often overlooked as "just another tree." In early summer, the linden flowers bloom and their perfume fills the air with a sweet, honeyed perfume. All parts of the linden have been important to humans throughout history. The flowers produce pollen which makes a delicately flavored honey, and are used for herbal teas and tinctures. The wood is popular among carvers, and for use in musical instruments. Join me in Central Park and get to know the energy of the wonderful Linden tree, followed by a guided plant attunement. Get in touch with the healing power of nature right in the middle of the big city!

About me: I am a proud member of Don Ollsin's Herbal Collective, an apprentice in Tibetan medicine, and a psychotherapist.

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