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I will share my story and tips how we bounce back.
Many times women are suffering from sexual harassment and abuse but few of them have the courage to speak in public. I know it is not easy, it took me few years to do speak my story. Sharing my story I hope many women will be inspired to stand up and say NO to abuse. We deserve the best and we must stop feeling afraid. We shall stop feeling fear. When I divorced my ex husband was lurking nearly for 1 year with the shotgun to kill me. NO you are not allowed mister! NO, joining our voices we become stronger. YOU are not alone, thats the meaning of this meet up.

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    Few years ago, I was counting coins to feed y two children. It was soon after got divorced and left my job. I had a meeting with a high profile man in order to cooperate and get me a job. Well, guess what! He used his authority to impose his sexual preferences on me, that was the first incident then few others followed. Actually my first was at the university by a professor of mine. The last one was by a reporter from whom I requested to be on his show in order to talk about coaching back home, well his reply was "Join me tonight at my place" really now? Many other examples I can share with you. Time's up and I am totally fan of that movement, we need to support each other that is my motive for having this meet up here in New York. Stop violence any kind of violence for the sake of our kids, for us!

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