What we're about

Who is this meetup group for? Will I fit in?

If you love to travel, exercise, dance, learn new and interesting things - or just have fun this is the meetup group for you.

Are you spontaneous and always waiting to the last minute to decide to “getaway”?

Are you a planner and like to prepare for a trip a minimum of a year in advance?

Do you consider vacation only to be a Rest & Relaxation experience?

When you vacation is partying and mingling with singles a necessity?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions this is the group for you! I fit in all of the above mentioned categories, I plan trips one year in advance but also decide to get outta town at the last minute, especially when one of those online travel deals are just the right price. I love to party and hang out with the locals but also like relaxing on the balcony of my hotel room enjoying the view. This group is for both men and women all of ages who enjoy traveling but often find themselves traveling alone and sometimes want a friend to accompany them (traveling with partners is important for safety and besides whose gonna take that awesome pic of you standing next to JLO @ the airport?). We will first have several local meetups getting to know each other and enjoying all the fun things the City has to offer, then eventually begin planning our awesome vacations. If you have an idea for trip, feel free to email me or post the trip on the meetup page as a suggestion.

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