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Hate the cold dark winter in Britain? I certainly do. So is there anyone out there in meetup-land who’s up for a cheap & cheerful extended budget trip down under?

Flying out November 2019 with a tentative return around March/April 2020 (i.e. 4 to 5 months travelling)
Visit – Both the North and South Islands of NZ (and possibly Australia on way home). Exactly where we visit to be decided as we go along, but 4 months should cover pretty much all of NZ (2 months per island). The emphasis is on flexibility and spontaneity (i.e. Buy a ticket to NZ and sort the rest out when we get there, without pre-planning too much detail). For inspiration and lots of handy travel tips visit http://www.backpackerboard.co.nz/guide/ (I have no connection with this website by the way)

Transport – share the purchase of cheap vehicle(s) on arrival & sell before departure. Travel as a group to reduce costs and for company, security & self-help in case of breakdown/accident etc.

Accommodation – Budget Hotel / B&B / Airbnb / Backpacker Hostel / Camping / (Camper Van – If that’s the type of vehicle decided upon). A combination of some or all of these (as required), all arranged online during the trip to maximize flexibility.

Cost – Difficult to guess at this stage and depends on flights, transport, accommodation & travelling lifestyle. The intention is to keep costs down as much as is mutually desirable, but not at the expense of having some fun and a reasonably comfortable time. Everyone will be responsible for their own expenses, including arranging flights. This proposal is non-commercial. It’s a DIY trip organized entirely by those who choose to take part. No one takes any money or makes any profit. As a very rough guesstimate I wouldn’t expect any change out of 10k and probably not much out of 15k (i.e. 2 to 3k per month). I’d recommend having available a pot of at least 20k to be on the safe side

Eligibility – Open to anyone sensible with the time, money, health, desire and courage to go. I suggest we see who signs up, and how many – then get together as per the suggested meetup below and take it from there (You’ll only really be fully committed when you step off the plane in Kiwi land – even then I guess you can simply turn around and get back on it again!)

I’m suggesting the following sequence to get things moving:-
1/ Gauge level of interest by seeing how many join up in the first couple of weeks
2/ Meet-up once or twice to see if any of us think we may be able to travel together
3/ Folks that are still interested may want to meet again, perhaps over a weekend
4/ Those (if any!) that are still keen on the trip can then organize travel dates & details between themselves

By its very nature, this will be a very small meetup group. I don’t imagine there are that many folks out there in meetup-land with the temporal flexibility to escape the entire (Northern Hemisphere) winter

IMPORTANT – If you sign up to this group, make sure you are able to receive messages through the meetup website and then please keep an eye on your messages. I’ll contact you via meetup messages to say hello, and offer you a way to make contact (to provide you with further information regarding the proposed meetup events). Thanks.

Regards, Mike

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