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    NOTE: This group is for ACTIVE (& CURRENT) AMAZON SELLERS.

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    Let's admit it, it's still pretty quiet here in New Zealand when it comes to selling on Amazon. It can get pretty lonely for our fellow Amazon Sellers here those who want to surround themselves with other Sellers walking the same path.

    Amazon has obviously expanded dramatically over the past 4 years. It started in the US, now it's operating in; CAN, MEX, UK, GER, FRA, ITY, SPN, IND, JAP, CN and they're not stopping... sooner or later, they're gonna hit the AUS market.

    I'm a professional Amazon Seller, based in Auckland. I specialise in Amazon Consulting & Coaching. I've been selling in the US & the European marketplace for almost 4 years.

    I started a Meetup group at the start of the year ( ) to gauge the interest here in New Zealand — and the response has been absolutely amazing.

    However, I am still craving the real "Seller talks".

    I would love to connect and bring together active Amazon Sellers in New Zealand, where we can connect on regular basis and talk Amazon. The point here is to make connections, network, discuss what's working/what's not, and most importantly, help each other succeed with Selling on Amazon.

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    To our Amazon success,

    Jay Singh
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