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When I arrived in Brisbane 18 years ago, the internet was just an electrical version of a mail, there wasn't Facebook, Twitter, no Meetup, we purely relied on the community board or a newsletter from a local cafe to look for connections.

18 years later today, it seems like we have built so many connections through social media, we are hardly bored, we have endless newsfeed updates to look at, to comment on, and thank goodness we can never lose contact with any one unless we intentionally did so.

But when we arrived to a new land, when we left all our friends and families behind, it's exactly like 18 years ago, we don't have friends whom we can sit in front of, whom we can share whats just happened in our life, whom we can do life together.

Social media can't bring our old friends to our door, but we can use social media to meet new friends. And above that, when we came together from across the world, our vision will be expanded, we appreciate our past, present and future in a new way.

And this is why this group is here.

New in Brisbane or not new, this group is for women from anywhere around the world to get together regularly, share our experiences from the world and give support to each other while celebrating our lives in Brisbane.

If you are willing to give support and want to make friends to walk through our exciting and meaningful life together, you know we have a little corner here always welcoming you.

After you join the group, please take one minute to fill in the short question form (link shared below), to help us know what activities you are interested in and what location is easy for you to join the meetings.


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