What we're about

Are you a mom who has:
x/ Recently located to greater Dayton area mom
x/ Busy, professional working mom
x/ Commuter mom
x/ Contractor mom
x/ Military mom
x/ Pregnant with first or second baby mom AND new to Dayton
x/ Original Daytonian recently moved back to the area from some big city where you lived your roaring 20s, 30s. Relocated back due to family, etc.
x/ Three+ years in town but having difficulty to connect/build relationships due to work/family responsibilities

If you check one or more of the “mom variants” above would love to have coffee with you!

Jeffrey Hall, an associate professor of communication studies at The University of Kansas research study findings suggest that... "it takes about 50 hours to progress from acquaintances to casual friends, 90 hours to become friends, and 200 hours to progress from friends to best friends. Jeffrey Hall been researching friendships for a decade, fascinated by how “non-kin” and non-romantic relationships seem vital to happiness and health."

(SOURCE - https://www.bustle.com/p/how-long-does-it-take-to-make-friends-scientists-actually-tallied-it-up-heres-what-they-said-8724116 )

... Now ADD:
+ [above research findings]
+ [new mom variant above]
+ [typical work/life/family challenges]

Why I created this meetup group... NMIT-Dayton!

Would love to connect over coffee, chat a little and hear about your coming to Dayton story... and hopefully have a fun time doing so!

Looking to build community with newly transferred/relocated greater Dayton area moms for support, friendship, laughs and fun!

Let’s make work/life/family in 2020 a little more peaceful and joyful.

Can’t wait to met you... in this WOMEN ONLY meetup group!

Past events (2)

DLM Cafe Encore

740 N Main St

Inaugural event for this new 2020 NMIT-Dayton Meetup Group

Dorothy Lane Market