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Whether you're new to Brisbane or Meetup, this is the group you've been looking for. Coming to a group the first time can be a daunting challenge, but knowing there are other people with the same predicament, who are also eager to make friends makes it a whole lot easier. There won't be any closed off cliques here, so you won't have to worry about standing idly by as other people 'catch up'. Get yourself out there and quickly make some buddies - people who are looking for friends are the easiest to befriend! Your typical Newb is in their 20s or 30s, worldly and experienced, with excellent taste and social skills :)

Our group does regular meetings giving you a chance to get to know the same people without having to organise things yourselves, (which can be hard as a Newb in a new city ><, or with people you've just met). We're aware of a number of social circles that have already formed from people meeting in this group, (our group is Newb too, beginning only this year 2019).

We will aim for social meetings at things such as comedy shows, morning coffees, casual drinks or special events such as food and wine festivals. Our group is always easy to find, typically under a big balloon, or otherwise signposted with a photo.

Since we're not trying to 'win meetup' (by getting the biggest meetups etc) we will nonchalantly ban members who we think deserve it (eg harassing other members, or RSVP no-shows - which is particularly disrespectful if you stop others from coming).

We will most likely be too lazy to give warnings, so some adult self-monitoring is recommended :)

So if you've just moved to Australia from interstate or you're an expat from America, Europe or the like come join us! English/British, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Dutch/Netherlands, Norwegian etc.. everyone is welcome :)

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Free drink🍷 new members Saturday Session @ Shadow Lounge (Jade Buddha)

Shadow Lounge has stunning 180 degree views of the Brisbane River from Kangaroo point, round past the Story Bridge and they have a special deal for us - a free drink for everyone on arrival! In addition they have cocktail happy hour from 6-7; all cocktails are $10! The venue has couches inside where we'll meet and they have also have a sweeping balcony area. Come join us and meet some fellow Brisbane Newbs in a friendly welcoming environment, where everyone is in the same boat as you. The overwhelming feedback is this group is not like other ones where the same people have been going for years. This is regular people suddenly without a social circle (as they have moved) looking to make new friends. If you are nervous about coming for the first time, feel free to message an organiser first, and have a topic of conversation ready to break the ice with people! A lady at the top of the stairs will be handing out free drink vouchers - simply inform her your from the meetup. Harassment and other social misdemeanours are not tolerated in this group.

New members morning Coffee ☕ at the best view 🏞 in Brisbane: Bar Spritz

So you're new to Brisbane and you don't know anyone - (well apart from that tinder date from last week and your colleagues who have all been married at least once). Come get to know some fellow newbs whilst having a coffee at the best view in Brisbane* *Their website claims they are the best, and I have never, ever, known a business to lie about being the best in their particular field, apart from maybe a thousand fish and chip stores. There is a free ferry (red city hopper) from Eagle st (city) to get there (Thornton St terminal) or it is a short, lovely walk from Southbank. If there is interest we may go for a walk along the river afterwards.

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'Newb happy hour specials' new member drinks 🥂🍻

Pig 'N' Whistle Riverside

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