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Welcome to the meetup group of New Acropolis (India) at Bangalore.

We take this opportunity to introduce you to New Acropolis, an international non profit organization of a philosophical, cultural and social nature.

In the words of our international director, New Acropolis came into being to give a new opportunity to philosophy to come to life again; philosophy in the sense of the eternal quest for knowledge, a quest for the root causes of things, a search for answers to those questions which we human beings are constantly asking ourselves.

We look forward to have you join us for our upcoming events and a peek into the course on Practical Philosophy: http://www.acropolis.org.in/living-philosophy

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New Acropolis (India)
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Upcoming events (5+)

Paradoxes - Exhibition of photographs by Pierre Poulain

Paradoxes - Exhibition of photographs by philosopher and renowned international photographer Pierre Poulain. This is resented by New Acropolis (India) in partnership with Sublime Galleria at Art Bengaluru 2019. “When one looks at a picture, the mind recognizes the objects and people in it. But the true meaning of a picture is beyond the reality of what one sees. The true meaning of a photograph is the sentiment behind it.” According to the traditional and philosophical conception, Art is always a manifestation of the essential, the essence of Being which necessarily requires an expression to be perceptible. The photographs aim to capture a “paradoxical tension”, by a contrast of forms, of situations, of light, or of feeling. In photography, the paradox is always dynamic - it appears suddenly in a gaze, in a ray of light which illuminates a background, or in the movement of a person or object which enters the field of the lens. For Pierre Poulain, photography is more of a philosophical and spiritual journey. Based in Israel, Pierre’s passion for street photography is supported by his strong views in the various philosophies of life. In 1986, he founded the centres of New Acropolis in Israel. Pierre Poulain’s latest exhibition titled ‘Photosophy’ will be presented in Bangalore next year. For more information on the artist and his work, please visit https://www.photos-art.org/

The Butterfly Effect - an Interactive Art installation

While change is constant, often it is a single spark that triggers a movement of change that transforms our lives and our communities. Just as a butterfly symbolizes transformation, the journey from the cocoon to the freedom of the skies, the butterfly effect promises the possibility of this fascinating journey towards bringing collective change around us. In conjunction with the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, this year's International Day of Philosophy 2019, is being celebrated by New Acropolis with the theme "The Freedom to Change". This Interactive Art installation "The Butterfly Effect" highlights the power of individuals to bring social change through connecting practically to virtues. - Presented by New Acropolis (India) in partnership with Sublime Galleria at Art Bengaluru 2019.

Living Philosophy course | Nov'19 (Wednesdays, Jayanagar)

New Acropolis Jayanagar

Living Philosophy - To Discover, To Awaken, To Transform Free Introductory session & Trial Class - - - What is the Living Philosophy course? It is a course in Practical Philosophy that brings philosophical teachings of the major ancient civilizations from the east to the west - From Confucius to Plato; From Tibetan Buddhism to Ancient Egypt. Aimed to foster an active philosophical approach to our daily life, the classes will uncover the keys to inner growth and wisdom towards leading a much more meaningful and significant life. Details of course structure: The course will be for 30 hours, held in 15 classes. One class per week for 15 weeks, every Wednesday evening. Also, there will also be a special half-day experiential session - the Know Thyself Seminar - on a Saturday. Do view the syllabus here What is the Introductory session? - To learn more, you may attend the free Introductory session, where we shall share the course themes, structure, approach and essence of the course. What is the Trial class? To experience the course, one may opt to attend the first class of the course as a free trial. This option is open only for those who have not attended any of our previous introductory sessions. Registration close on the same day. - - - When is the next batch starting? - We have three upcoming batches: Nov'19 (Wednesdays, Jayanagar) Classes each Wednesday at 7:30 to 9:30 pm Free introductory sessions are on Tue, 13th & 20th Nov 7:30 to 8:30 pm Course starts: Wed, 27th Nov 7:30 to 9:30 pm | Duration: 15 weeks | Course completion on 11th Mar, 2020 Location: New Acropolis (India) at Jayanagar centre - - - *Free Entry - for Introductory Sessions and Trial | Limited Seats | Right to Admission Reserved | The option to attend the first class as a free trail is open to only those who have not attended an introductory session | We request the attendees to be on-time, especially to plan well their commute - our place opens 30 min before start time and entry-doors close sharp 15 min after start.

The Freedom to Change | Sat, 23rd Nov, at Jayanagar

New Acropolis Jayanagar

The Freedom to Change Change can be scary and exciting in equal measure. When faced with change of any kind we often tend to fear and resist it, forgetting that without change growth isn’t possible. At a broader level, how do we bring change and contribute towards a better world when the problems seem too big to overcome? This talk explores the wisdom of ancient cultures about change at the individual, social and global levels, and how can each of us can drive sustainable change in our lives and around us. This talk marks a part of New Acropolis (India)'s celebration of the International Day of Philosophy 2019. - - - Saturday, 23rd November 6:30 to 8:30 PM | Location: New Acropolis (India) at Jayanagar - - - Lecture and Guided Exercise| Free Entry | Limited Seat - first come basis | Right to Admission Reserved | We request the attendees to be on-time, especially to plan well their commute - the centre opens 30 min before start time and doors close sharp 15 min after start.

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