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Adventures add excitement and joy to our lives. But, if you’re like me, you think about trying new things more often than you actually organize the activity and go do it. Im challenging myself to try a new adventure a few times a month. I'd gladly do something every week but it may take our group a while to gather enough members to support meeting that frequently.

THIS IS NOT A SINGLES GROUP. IT IS OPEN TO EVERYONE 40 AND OLDER. (If youre nearing 40, go ahead and join us!) I'm not super set on the age, if we're doing things that you think you'd enjoy, you can join. I just didn't want to give the impression we'll be doing a bunch of stuff 25 year olds do. :)

I'm going to search for fun things to try and hope you’ll try them with me. Some events will be inside and some outside. Some will be mental challenges and some physical. Some will be things Ive done before, but havent done for a while or don’t do often because I’m not good at them. Some will just be new or unique learning experiences. Although there will be outdoor athletic events, I'm not an athlete and I'm not outdoorsy so you won't need any experience in anything to join this group.

These will mostly be things new or scary to me, but if you want to try something that's scary to you, like karaoke, suggest it and I'll set it up!

If you’re nervous to try something you’ve never done before, join this group, because Im nervous too!

If you already have experience going on adventures, please join us because I could use advice!

Hope to meet you soon!



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Indoor Surfing🏄‍♀️

Flowrider Utah

📢Please note this is a cross-posted event from the Salt Lake Bucket List Meetup Group. I DO NOT HAVE A ABILITY TO COLLECT PAYMENTS THROUGH THIS GROUP, so, in order for your RSVP to be counted, kindly RSVP and pay through the other event at: https://www.meetup.com/Salt-Lake-City-Bucket-List/events/273273759/ 😞 Apologies for the inconvenience. I will work on a solution to this. The Flowrider operates by high volume pumps generating a continuous sheet of flowing water (approximately two-and one-half inches thick by up to thirty-four feet wide) over a specially designed soft riding surface. This stationary “sheet wave” can be ridden just like a similarly shaped wave that moves in the ocean. Gravity allows the rider to ‘drop in’ from the crest of the wave and slide down to the wave trough. The rider can ride up the wave surface by setting an edge and letting the water pressure push him/her back up the inclined wave surface. Skill is required to control one’s position on the wave, and a movement too far in any one direction will result in a ‘wipe-out’, i.e., out of the power-flow and into the ride exit areas. However, in just a few rides, the novice can quickly learn how to turn, drop and climb on the wave face and perform maneuvers. • Cost: our group's discounted price is $12 for a one-hour session for our group (regular prices are $20 for one hour) • Go here to sign the waiver before the event: https://iflyflowriderirock.waiverapps.com/locations/iflyflowriderirock/waivers/new?lang=en • Suggested Attire: We recommend a one-piece swim suit. If you choose to wear a 2 piece be sure to wear a t-shirt and we recommend board shorts. You will be a lot more comfortable in front of the other surfers. We recommend tighter board shorts- if the shorts are too loose you may lose them. • Bring your appropriate and comfortable swimsuit, and a TOWEL. If you forget or don’t bring a towel you may rent one for $2.00. • Flowrider Utah is not an amusement ride. • For your safety and because of the difficulty and skill required, Students will be under the direction of an instructor for all Flowrider sessions. • Students, from beginner to advanced, can learn the sport of Flowboarding. INFORMATION FROM THE VENUE: Thrill seekers armed with a boogie board or standup board challenge the wave of the Flowrider, which produces a perpetual water rush to simulate the experience of boarding in an ocean or whitewater. Family, friends, and timid stunt doubles can look on from the observation deck as riders attempt tricks and spins with ample room for safe bailouts on the cushioned machine. Granting about 300 rides in a one-hour session, the Flowrider is a safe place for beginners to test their surfing mettle or for more experienced boarders to hone their turning, dropping, and climbing skills.

❄️WINTER ADVENTURES: Blue Monday Sleigh Ride🐴

Park City Sleigh Rides

⚠️The venue sells out for the winter season early so RSVP now so we can reserve our time. :) 🛑Please note this is a cross-posted event from the 📝 Salt Lake Bucket List Meetup Group. I DO NOT HAVE A ABILITY TO COLLECT PAYMENTS THROUGH THIS GROUP, so, in order for your RSVP to be counted, kindly RSVP and pay through the other event at: https://www.meetup.com/Salt-Lake-City-Bucket-List/events/273233689/. 😞 Apologies for the inconvenience. I will work on a solution to this. Shake off Blue Monday and CELEBRATE WINTER with a beautiful Park City Sleigh Ride! COST: $25 FROM THE VENUE WEBSITE: Duration: 25 – 30 minutes Capacity: 12 passengers Tour Includes: Warm blankets Sleigh driver Park City Sleigh Rides Come join a public majestic sleigh ride in the winter wonderland up Willow Draw. Our Park City sleigh ride tours last 25-30 minutes each and include warm blankets for your comfort. Take in the stunning snow-capped mountains and snow-covered trees as we go dashing through the snow. Each sleigh can seat up to 12 passengers! What to Bring We have cozy blankets for your use during the ride, but please dress for the weather and bring gloves or mittens, a hat, and warm boots. Please complete the waiver attached in the booking confirmation prior to arrival. Join us for the best sleigh rides in Utah! We offer horse-drawn private and group sleigh rides in Park City. Bundle up and experience a lovely, scenic, and snowy sleigh ride from Canyons Resort through Willow Draw. During this 25-minute ride, we provide you with blankets for your comfort. Please dress warmly in gloves, a hat, and a warm jacket to ensure you remain comfortable. Be sure to book in advance, as we sell out fast!

❄️ WINTER ADVENTURES: Frigid 5k and Penguin Plunge🐧

4400 W Center St

Price is $30 and includes the 5k and the Penguin Plunge along with a finisher's medal, a tshirt and a keychain. Winter-themed costumes encouraged! FROM THE EVENT WEBSITE: The Frigid 5k and Penguin Plunge have been the premier winter event for over a decade. The starting line for the 5k is at the Provo Boat Harbor where you will enjoy the short, yet challenging course. After the 5k, finish the event off with the Penguin Plunge. Challenge yourself and brave the frigid cold by jumping into the Utah State Lake. Our team skillfully cuts out a square of ice and inserts a safety cage to protect you from floating under the ice or sinking. If you choose to opt-out of taking a dip in the lake, feel free to watch the faces of those who are crazy enough to take the dive!

❄️WINTER ADVENTURES: Sunset Snow Hike and Paddleboard Yoga at Homestead Crater

SUNSET HIKE/SNOWSHOE & PADDLEBOARD YOGA Cost: $130 per person 2.5 Hours Get ready to awaken your senses with a fresh dose of nature. We’ll enjoy a peaceful nighttime trek through the quiet forest, illuminated by only the stars and the beam of your headlamp for the night trips. After, we’ll splash into the steamy mineral water of the Homestead Crater for an hour of paddleboard yoga. Encased in ancient stone and fully protected from the elements for year-round enjoyment, the Homestead Crater’s Caribbean-blue waters instantly transport you from the mountains of Utah to pure, otherworldly bliss.

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