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Welcome to New Age Spirituality.

If you have risen above religions and various divides in the society, then this is the place to be. We celebrate life and live life the way it is meant to be lived. With Spirituality as the foundation of our group, all our events are of very high quality. We meditate, celebrate, party, camp, travel and do many other fun activities together.

WELCOME TO OUR GROUP OF HAPPY YOUNG PEOPLE WHO LIVE LIFE AND ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST.We are committed to celebrating, meditating and making each moment of our life blissful.


..................................Some guidelines............................

This group is for people wanting to transform their lives and experience dimensions most people think don't exist!
We organize meet ups in various dimensions, be it a simple get together at a coffee shop, to picnics, to movies and parties, enjoying music and dance together, attending live concerts.

We want to build a platform where we can give each other company in exploring new and different activities and hold enjoyable meet ups to make life more Joyful.

You are welcome to suggest some new and interesting meetups for this group.

Please write your Introduction Properly and do put your real profile picture only. Profiles are rejected without proper details.
Please go also through the rules n regulations for the group before joining.

We hope that you will make good friends through this platform.
But keep in mind that this is strictly not a Dating Group!
There are some Rules and Regulations we want all members to follow:

1) Respect all group members. No abusive language plz!
2) Respect everyone's freedom and space
3) Do not make fun of people or their sentiments.
We don't want anyone to be hurt ...we are here to have fun!
4) Respect our female group members.
Any form of harassment towards female members shall not be tolerated.

A message for our female members:

1) Every event will have one or more female host, with whom you can co-ordinate. Feel free to reach out to us!
2) We are trying to give the best security for female members and we request your cooperation. At any point of time, during any event, if you feel uncomfortable with some one, request you to approach the event hosts or the organizers immediately.
3) Please do not share your numbers with other members unless you are comfortable with them.

Request all members to adhere to the above points strictly, any violations will not be tolerated and members hindering these rules will be permanently banned from the group.

Welcome to the Spiritual Not Religious Group! :)

**This is strictly not a Dating Group!!!

Past events (206)

Emotional Cleansing Meditation- Freedom From Negative Emotions

Club House,central Park 1,DLF Golf Course Road,Gurgaon

Meditation-The Godly Door


Meditation Carnival-Activate Heart Chakra: Journey To Unconditional Love

R 814,New Rajinder Nagar,New Delhi,110060(Nearest Metro Station Rajendra Palace

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