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FREEDOM. School vacation means one thing - freedom. Freedom from sitting in a dusty school room, freedom from homework and school lunches. Spend your school vacation learning movement that truly sets your potential and imagination free with one of our hyper-popular CAMP HUB. Here you will not only be introduced to the sport and art of parkour, but the games, philosophy and culture surrounding it. We watch famous videos to deconstruct technique, and practice it out later that same day, play with every type of movement possible and most importantly - have a blast the whole time. Camp Hub is the most interactive, action filled camp you will ever attend. A camp full of lessons in movement, engaging games and more inspiration to keep you moving til the next. Find your next favorite camp for summer, spring, fall or winter here. Hub Parkour Camp is the best camp in New England to learn and play Parkour. Students return every year to progress in skill and meet old friends once again. FULL DAY CAMP (9AM TO 4PM) HALF DAY MORNING CAMP (9AM TO 12:30PM) HALF DAY AFTERNOON CAMP (12:30PM TO 4PM) Week 1 // June 18 - 22 Week 2 // June 25 - 29 Week 3 // July 2 - July 6 Week 4 // July 9 -13 Week 5 // July 16 -20 Week 6 // July 23 - 27 Week 7 // July 30 - Aug 3 Week 8 // August 6 - 10 Week 9 // August 13 - 17 Week 10 // August 20 - 24 Week 11 // August 27 - 31 (Single Days Available) PLEASE ALSO MAKE SURE TO FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM ON OUR WEBSITE AT CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE WEEKS AND APPLY PAYMENT AND FOR ANY NEW MEMBERS TO CAMP HUB, PLEASE FILL OUT OUR ONLINE WAIVER AT

Hub Parkour Taining Center

253 Mansfield Ave. · Norton, MA

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What is Parkour?

Parkour is a non-competitive natural method to train the human body to be able to move forward quickly, making use of the environment that's around us at any given time. This 'art of displacement' requires neither specific structure nor accessory for its practice. The body is the only tool. It's an athletic discipline accessible to all, because it combines all the natural skills of the human body: running, jumping, climbing, etc. It's a utility sport that permits exploration of the potential offered by your body. It's about being able to face the obstacles with which you are presented, whether they be in the natural environment or in the urban environment, in a search for movement that combines effectiveness and control.

Hub Parkour Training Center - Norton (

The dream of having a dedicated Parkour Gym in New England is shared by thousands of athletes, students and potential traceurs.

A place to practice parkour safely and undisturbed.

A facility that all types of movement are encouraged, and everything is climb/jump/flip-able.

A headquarters to hold one of the most supportive, encouraging communities you can imagine.

It's finally here.
This is our Gym.
Hub Parkour Training Center

Project Freerun covers all bases of Parkour and Freerun Coaching. Over the past years we’ve take inspiration from traditional Parkour, Ninja Warrior, Olympic Lifting and even The Marines Training to develop a curriculum that will not only highlight every fundamental step of Parkour and Freerun, but craft the student to train safely and progressively. We have a saying in Parkour – Être fort pour être utile - To Be Strong Is to Be Useful. This perfectly encapsulates what Parkour is about, adapting the human body to whatever challenges it’s presented with.

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