Super Bowl Sunday New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

This is a past event

122 people went

Jakes Diner & Billiards

38 W. Colorado Blvd · Pasadena, CA

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Oh you'll know your not in Kansas anymore Dorothy ;^)

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OK guys, the crew at Jakes wants to say thank you to the New England West crew, and congratulate us on another Super Bowl appearance. They are going to throw us a pre-party starting at 12:00 noon. There will be New England themed music playing on the loud speakers and they will be serving us a complimentary taco bar starting at 12:30. Also there will be special N.E.W. only raffle tickets being given out from 12:00 - 1:30 only! After which a N.E.W. only drawing will be held at 2:00. In this raffle, there will be New England themed prizes including a possible Patriots helmet, as well as other cool swag they have been squirreling away this season.

There will also be a general public raffle going on throughout the day with prizes like Guinness and Sam Adams swag, Burke Williams Gift Cards, Salad Dish gift cards, as well as other prizes, including the grand prize of a 42" HD TV.

They have rented an additional projector for the middle room, and will be covering pool tables to allow for more seating.

This will not be a pot-luck day, so I ask that you refrain from bringing meals with you (Kiki you can always bring cookies though). Drink specials as always, Taco bar pre-game, and the traditional menu will be available.

I would like to personally thank you all for another great NFL season, and am already looking forward to continuing to grow the family for basketball,hockey, and baseball season as well as just plain ole partying season. (That never stops right?) I look forward to seeing you all in 10 days! Get there early and pile up on some free shituff.


What can I say...

Will this be our day of reckoning?

Will the Brady Bunch ROCK THE SHYT out of Seyton urrhhh I meant Peyton Mannings domain?

Will our Defense shut down the Giants and that "Gomer-Pyle-looking-'A'hole" Eli?

Finally will Myra memory be honored on this day and we bring another Trophy home in a year that Bob Kraft had so much energy and heart to continue on without her?




I say we do what we did before and keep our head down, focused and in the next 2 weeks DON'T WATCH THAT F-ING GAME REPLAYED ON THE SPORTS NETWORKS!! ... and you all know the one for which I speak of.

This is NOT that same team, This is NOT the same Brady, This is NOT the older more experienced Defensive Line, This is NOT the Moss-Welker-Faulk-Maroney Train

What THIS IS!!!

A team that has been doubted for the last 4 years...

A Brady that has been shadowed by Media fascination with the Brees, Rodgers, Sanchez of recent and yes spewing over the Manning Brothers as well...

A Defensive line that has struggled to find it's groove but of late has began to look a bit more like they can fill the shoes they found themselves in...

An offense made up of hobbits urrhh LOL I meant Woodhead, Edelman, Welker and a return of Branch. 2 tight ends that have BLOWN the doors off of what a traditional tight end can do in Hernandez and Gronk

This is "Title-town" and These are OUR New England Patriots!!

~ Psboston