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Metaphysics, Mysticism, Meditation, and Finding a Spiritual Path

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"My life is good. Why am I still not happy?"

Does this sound like something you say to yourself?

If you know there must be a way to feel totally alive, but you feel frustrated because you haven't been able to find that way, even though you've tried all kinds of things, you may be looking for a spiritual path but not realize it yet.

If you wish you could...

• feel like your real self, totally alive and joyful a lot of the time

• find a way to the purpose you know you're supposed to be living

• connect with other people who want that "something more" in life (like meaning, deep relationships, conversation about stuff that really matters...)

• have spiritual experiences without the baggage of religion

... you may actually be ready to find a spiritual path, one that feels really right and inspiring to you.

With this amazing group of meditators and spiritual seekers that we have, we are going to meet for seven weeks and explore these topics:

• metaphysics: what are some of the spiritual laws of the universe and how do they apply to us today, and how do we actually use them to make our life better?

• mysticism: what is mysticism (hint: it's about experience, not belief!), how is it practiced, and how can we actually get onto the road to enlightenment?

• meditation: how to start if you've never really done it, how to go deeper, using meditation for spiritual and personal growth and releasing of old wounds (we'll do lots of guided meditation, plus some other experiential stuff)

• finding a spiritual path: what is it like to "be on a spiritual path", be part of a serious spiritual community, work with a spiritual teacher who can help you to heal and grow and go deeper in your spiritual experiences, maybe even guide you toward enlightenment?

This exploration is going to be led by Johanna Knight, organizer of this meetup. She has been on a very deep mystical spiritual path for twelve years, experienced profound transformational change herself, received intensive training on how to guide others through deep spiritual changes, and has been working with spiritual students through coursework and individual training for six years. Johanna's path is in the mystical Christian tradition (very different from any traditional Christian church), draws on truth teachings from many other mystical traditions, and speaks easily and non-dogmatically to seekers from many backgrounds and traditions.

No session on Thanksgiving! (Thursday, November 28th)

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