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This is a group for anyone interested in learning the Filipino Martial Art of Balintawak. All skill levels and newcomers are welcome and I give 3 free intro sessions. Once the 3 sessions are complete and the basics are down, I would like to get a training group started so training can be more fun. Let's train and grab some food/drinks. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have - (732) 829-2675 tabiminasystem-nj.com/contact

About Me:

I have trained in various styles of martial arts over the past 15 years. This includes boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, sambo, krav maga, and multiple styles of Filipino Combatives. I found my home with Tabimina Balintawak in 2014. I am a direct student under GMs' Sir Bob and Sir Flint Tabimina and have been awarded as a qualified instructor under their system. I work in executive protection and have protected many high profile clients and worked with many law enforcement and veteran operators.

What is Tabimina Balintawak?

It is the martial system founded by Grandmaster Bobby Tabimina with its primary goal is the preservation of the art as handed to him by Great Grandmaster Venancio ‘Anciong’ Bacon during his incarceration. It is a martial art that gives importance to both physical and psychological aspect of the fight with a single stick or ‘olisi’ as a training tool to bring out the necessary reaction, which are innate within the human body. These reactions are reshaped and remolded to facilitate efficiency, precision and economy of motion in accordance with the individual’s natural body movement. With this in mind, the individual is able to generate speed, power, timing, accuracy and intent based on the individual’s comfort zone.

Close Quarters Combat -

Tabimina System emphasizes close range fighting because we believe that about 90% of the fight ends with a devastating outcome at this range. This is one of the major changes that the Great Grandmaster Venancio ‘Anciong’ Bacon implemented and practiced while he was incarcerated. In ‘corto’ range, the variations become limitless. Any known combative strategy conceived by the creative mind of a human being becomes more effective and can be applied in this range. Therefore, since Tabimina System emphasizes a strong defense as its foundation, the individual is exposed to these variations repeatedly and be able to adapt and make necessary adjustments, defending properly based on his body’s comfort while his adrenaline has been triggered.

Training Modules -

Tabimina System teaches hand to hand combat, boxing or any force multiplier such as knives, dulo-dulo, etc. Since what is taught in this system is the natural movement of a human body, one must be able to adapt to the weapon at hand in any given situation. Although the movements may have similarities, each one will develop a certain unique attribute. The bare hands favors blocking and locking, the boxing favors evasion also known as no touch or offline method, the knife favors vectoring and evasion, while the dulo-dulo favors precision hitting of vital areas. Ultimately, once higher level of understanding of the art has been achieved, the realization soon follows that the weapon is just a tool and the real weapon is You.






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