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What we’re about

This is a group for like-minded space enthusiasts in the greater metropolitan, New York City area to discuss the formulation of feasible business plans for commercial space ventures. Whether an academic with a background in in astronomy, aeronautics, engineering or mining, a yen for entrepreneurial ventures or just a passion for civilian space development via commerce, this is the group for you. The only ore-requisite for membership-- having a keen interest in finance and business, in particular as it applies to space ventures!  For example, companies who develop 3D printers that may work in microgravity and in a vacuum will probably be cornerstones of contruction and manufacturing once we leave the gravity well.  And materials engineering will probably also take a great leap forward once we are able to freely experiment and test our innovations in outer space.  The Satellite industry has shown us the way we entrepreneurs can be successful in space ventures and we now know that "the sky is NOT the limit" to our creativity and business opportunties.

In 2005, NASA, certain other government agencies, the aerospace industry and members of academia put together the NASA Capability Roadmaps Executive Summary, which " provides a summary of the capabilities necessary to execute the Vision for Space Exploration and the key architecture decisions that drive the direction for those capabilities."  This report surveys the status quo of the wide array of fields involved in the development, formation and execution of commercial space faring ventures in the near future. 
While a daunting read, the NASA Capability Roadmaps Executive Summary provides the perfect long-term agenda for the direction of the NY Club for Commercial Space Ventures' meet-ups, forum discussions and activities.  Our topics to discuss would include minimization of earth-to-LEO launch costs, commercial space flight, commercial crew transportation, private, habitable space stations/labs, and corporate-funded space exploration. 
With enough members, we could even form separate clades for researching, discussing and analyzing these individual topics!
Our hope is that this club will be a forum to provide the opportunity for people from all walks of life to sound off with proposals, trade ideas and eventually formulate workable business plans for a variety of space ventures (and maybe inspire some to put roots down and work in the greater metropolitan, NYC area).  To that end, we would love to hear from fellow Meet-Up Members!  
Thank you for reading.  Please sign up as a member (no membership fee anticipated for the near future) and contact us.  We would love to hear from you, and will be setting up meet-ups regularly!
Ad Astra, friends!

PS: Our thanks to  and the group founders for their key role in this Meetup's success!