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NewVo® is a fitness dance-fusion class integrating Middle Eastern classic style and sensuality with a pumped-up cardio work-out that gets you super-charged and super-fit!
NewVo fuses traditional Middle Eastern movements and steps with popular aerobic moves, mixing exercise and energy with Middle Eastern flair!
NewVo brings together an inspired and eclectic collection of driving beats and hypnotic rhythms with Sohaila’s distinct dance moves, representing the music of the Middle East, Africa, Australia, India, Hawaii, Spain, and MORE!! After an innovative stretch series, NewVo moves quickly into an easy-to-follow total body work out and finishes off with another great stretch and cool down, all to the sounds of the World! People of all aerobic levels can be challenged while still avoiding strains or injuries, as there are different options for how to approach any of the moves. Students come away feeling full of energy and addicted to the tunes and rhythms that just had them in a hot dance trance! By mixing the known with the innovative, NewVo provides both novelty AND familiarity to the new student and is sure to bring students back for more!
“NewVo”…Who knew!
The hottest new aerobic workout with fun, exotic props to kick start your fitness!
In no time, your core, your arms, your hips and your thighs will be toned!

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Multicultural Holiday Festival

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It's about Empowering one another!

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NewVo fitness in the park! Grape Day Park!

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