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An open source journey in Finance with R
Speaker: Soumya Kalra (R-Ladies New York Founder) Topic: An open source journey in Finance with R Schedule: 6:00pm - 6:30pm - ODSC Intro, Pizza & Refreshments. 6:30pm - 7:20pm - Talk 7:20pm - 7:30pm - Q&A 7:30pm - 8:00pm - Networking Bio: Soumya is a quantitative analyst at the New York Federal Reserve where she focusing on developing models and tools as related to stress testing work. She has previously worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the Department of Treasury. She is currently the lead organizer for R-Ladies New York Board and on the committee for the R in Finance. Abstract: Open source contributions in the R community are an incredible way to learn and become part of a community. Often making these types of contributions are quite scary and one doesn't know quite where to begin. In this presentation, I will share the approaches I used to start contributing specifically focused in the finance space. I will also demonstrate some of the tools/analysis I have built along the way with lessons learned (both good and bad). In addition, I will lay out a path for all R community members to foster more collaboration and contribution in the R Finance community. ODSC Links: • Get free access to more talks like this at LearnAI: • Facebook: • Twitter: & @odsc • LinkedIn: • East Conference Apr 30 - May 3:


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