• Drinks with Data Scientists

    O'Brien's Irish Pub

    Join our Drinks with Data Scientists during Immersive AI! Enjoy this great opportunity to exchange information on challenges, experiences, and goals with fellow Data Scientists attending our Immersive AI conference. That will be an amazing networking time together. Starting at 5:30 pm Place: O'Brien's Irish Pub, 2nd Floor 134 West 46th St, New York, NY[masked]https://www.obriensnyc.com/ Invite your friends, or come by yourself and make new ones! • Get free access to more talks like this at LearnAI: https://learnai.odsc.com/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OPENDATASCI/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/odsc & @odsc • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/open-data-science/ • India Conference Aug 7 - 10: https://india.odsc.com/ • West Conference Oct 29 - Nov 1: https://odsc.com/california • Europe Conference Nov 19 - 22: https://odsc.com/london

  • ODSC NYC 2019 - Immersive AI [PAID EVENT]

    ODSC NYC 2019 - Immersive AI - www.odsc.com/nyc Register now here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/odsc-nyc-2019-immersive-ai-tickets-60844065237 Are you ready to learn new skills, meet with top companies looking to hire and accelerate your career? Learn from leading experts in hands-on trainings, and hear talks from mentors and career development experts to learn everything you need to grow your career in applied data science and artificial intelligence. Get career-advancing skills in data science, plus essential advice in our unique career mentor talks Upskill Learn from top experts in the field with hands-on training on the most important data science frameworks Connect Connect with our community of data scientists, including speakers, career experts, hiring companies, and others Launch Gain a foothold or advance your career in data science. Over two days, better understand your learning and career pathways Our experienced and passionate instructors provide hands-on training in the most important models, languages, and frameworks in machine learning and deep learning. Our Career Mentor sessions will help you discover your path to this exciting career.

  • OmniSci and RAPIDS: An End-to-End Open-Source Data Science Workflow

    We want to invite you to participate in the ODSC Webinar! To access this webinar, please register using the link below: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8360497700854718476 Date: June 13th Time: 1 pm - 2 pm EST Speaker: Randy Zwitch Abstract: In this session, attendees will learn how the OmniSci GPU-accelerated SQL engine fits into the overall RAPIDS partner ecosystem for open-source GPU analytics. Using open bike-share data, users will learn how to ingest streaming data from Apache Kafka into OmniSci, perform descriptive statistics and feature engineering using both SQL and cuDF with Python and return the results as a GPU DataFrame. By the end of the session, users should feel comfortable that an entire data science workflow can be accomplished using tools from the RAPIDS eco-system, all without the data ever leaving the GPU. Bio: Randy Zwitch is a Senior Developer Advocate at OmniSci, enabling customers and community users alike to utilize OmniSci to its fullest potential. With broad industry experience in Energy, Digital Analytics, Banking, Telecommunications and Media, Randy brings a wealth of knowledge across verticals as well as in-depth knowledge of open-source tools for analytics. ODSC Links: • Get free access to more talks like this at LearnAI: https://learnai.odsc.com/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OPENDATASCI/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/odsc & @odsc • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/open-data-science/

  • [FREE] Accelerate AI Career Expo - The Largest D.S & AI Expo of 2019

    Registration Required: https://bit.ly/2NA8SuG Whether you are in the market for a job or hiring, the Accelerate AI Career Expo is the place to be! Come listen to experts about the Data Science hiring process, growing your career or developing skills needed for the right position. Check here for the detailed schedule! Saturday, May 4th from 10:30am - 4:00pm representatives from 40+ of the top data science companies will be seeking talented individuals to fill their open positions. Companies will be interviewing on site! Accelerate AI Career Expo will target job seekers from both the tech and business fields. You should consider attending if you’re a developer, marketer, data scientist, software engineer, data engineer, data analyst, business analyst, product manager or in another related field. Register at: https://bit.ly/2NA8SuG Companies that will be hiring: Macy's, Wayfair, Bose, Mass Mutal, Liberty Mutual, Nielson, CVS, Aetna, Stanley Black & Decker, Hired, iRobot, J&J & many more!! Employers that interested in hiring at the Career Expo, please email your inquiries to [masked]. ***This pass only gives you access to Accelerate AI Career Expo 2019 only! This event is free to all ODSC Ticket Holders. If you are interested in participating in the general ODSC East conference please register at https://bit.ly/2Dyol8O to purchase your All Access Conference Pass.

  • Startup World Cup at ODSC East 2019

    Hynes Convention Center

    Participate in the East Coast Startup World Cup Regionals then head to San Francisco to claim the $1,000,000 Grand Prize Startup registrations are open until April 17th, using the link below: Startup World Cup - Startup Registration - https://www.startupworldcup.io/us-east-coast-regional The Top 10 Startups will be announced April 22nd and will have a chance to pitch in the Regionals Final at ODSC East 2019, May 3rd at 4 pm https://odsc.com/boston Confirmed Judges: - Leonardo Santos, Co-Founder & CEO at Semantix - Joseph Singh, Senior Advisor at ROSC Global - Elena Diez Cecilia, Ph.D., MBA, Director of Business Development and R&D Strategy at A2A Pharmaceuticals - Mike Grandinetti, Faculty Chair, Leading Disruptive Innovation Program at Rutgers & Global Professor Of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School - Assaf Araki, Investment Manager at Intel Why you should attend? - Network with top tier investors. Develop corporate partnerships and hear from top industry experts. - Meet innovative startups from around the world. Create business development opportunities and network with other corporate representatives and investors. - Meet top global startups. Get access to new deals around the world and network with other investors and corporate representatives.

  • ODSC East 2019 - AI Solution Showcase Expo Hall

    Hynes Convention Center

    IT Managers and Business Leaders looking to integrate artificial intelligence into their companies in 2019 are invited to the AI Solution Showcase Expo & Demo Hall, open May 1 & 2 at the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) East in Boston. Leaders in the field like IBM, DataRobot, SAS, S&P Global and Mathworks - more than 60 companies total - are partnering with the ODSC to demo their latest software platforms and AI-based tools to the 7000+ attendees at the conference. There are also tracks of specialized content running in the Solution Showcase Demo Theaters on both days; experts in the field will demonstrate the latest in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualizations and more. Qualified applicants can attend the Solution Showcase Expo & Demo Hall for free - anyone may attend for a small fee. To see if you qualify for a free pass, apply here: https://odsc.com/boston/east-expo-2019

  • Accelerate AI Summit, ODSC East 2019

    Hynes Convention Center

    https://odsc.com/boston/xai-east-2019 Accelerate AI, co-located with ODSC East 2019, brings together the top industry executives, managers and CxOs to help you understand how AI and data science can transform your business including: Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Government, Education, Bio/Pharma, Media & Marketing, Transportation, Finance, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, E-commerce, and more. Superior Content, Peer Learning This is the most important Industry AI Event of the year, hear from fellow CxOs, executives, chief data scientists, and thought leaders. Learn how AI and Data Science techniques are transforming business and prepare your company for the next wave of innovation by learning about: Deep Learning, Real-time Prediction, New product development, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, AI Tools and frameworks, Case studies, Automation, Sentiment Analysis, Open source AI/Data Science, Best practices, Law, Ethics and Governance. Why Attend? AI and data science are transforming business. Accelerate AI will give you the knowledge and connections to be at the forefront of your industry. Superior Content Hear from top industry executives using data science to grow their business Attend talks, panels, and group discussions to get you up to speed Learn from the best and brightest AI and data science innovators Non-technical talks that will help you understand AI and data science Superior Networking Meet executives from multiple industries engaging AI and data science Connect with the best and brightest AI and Data Science innovators Network, connect and collaborate with those defining the future of business Superior Expo Attend one of the largest AI and data science Expos on the east coast See and hear first-hand these innovative products and services Gain insights into how AI and data science can transform your business View live on-floor presentations and product demonstrations

  • ODSC East 2019

    Hynes Convention Center Boston

    This is a paid event, you must register here: https://hubs.ly/H0f-D3w0 5th Annual ODSC East, ODSC East 2019 in Boston. About the Conference. This year’s 2019 ODSC East brings together the most influential data scientists, practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. ODSC East showcases the best and the brightest when it comes to Data Science, including many open source data science pioneers. This 4-day event will feature 200+ sessions: 100+ talks, 75 hands-on workshops, 55 intensive training sessions, and 10 keynotes. Training Sessions & Workshops Enhance your data science career with 55 training sessions taught by world-class data science instructors, in small class sizes. Here you'll strengthen your technical skills and boost your professional profile through intense, hands-on training led by industry experts. Further your data science knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals at the many conference talks and workshops. Tools, Topics, and Languages Impress your boss and colleagues with the skills you gain at ODSC East. Here’s just a sample of the tools, topics, and languages we'll be covering in 4 days: Topics: Deep learning, Machine learning, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Languages: Python, R Julia, Scala, Pig/Hive/NoSQL Tools: Apache Spark, MLlib, Tensorflow, Caffe, Scikit-learn, Azure ML, Amazon ML, H20.ai, Neo4J, D3.js, R-Shiny, Hadoop In addition to these data science core topics, we’ve organized 8 tracks, each highlighting their own unique collaborations and convergences. Machine Learning & Deep Learning / Learn the latest models, advancements & trends Research Bridge / Hear from top academics and researchers about the latest developments Data Science Kickstart / Learn the essentials for your data science career Data Science at Scale / Witness the intersection of big data and data analytics Data Visualization / Design compelling graphics and tell stories with data Open Data Science / Real-world applications of the most current and key data science topics, tools, and languages Management, Practice & DataOps / Managing the next wave of innovation Business & Leadership / Building an AI-driven enterprise Rockstar Speakers We’re gathering the best and brightest minds in data science for you. Learn the newest data science trends, insights from 200+ industry experts. Please visit our event website for a complete list. Networking Opportunities Connect with 7,500 of your data science peers from around the world at networking opportunities like: Daily Coffee Breaks / Review the talks over coffee Career Fair / Cross paths with startups and Fortune 500 companies looking to hire talented data scientists Office Hours Session / Drop in and bring your questions, big and small Share a meal and ideas with like-minded individuals at Dinner with Data Scientists. (This a self-organized event. ODSC suggests the venue and provides a signup sheet. Each individual is responsible for their own dinner cost.)

  • Going Spatial:How to handle a Spatial DS project&Building an Amazon.com for Data

    Agenda: 6:30pm - 7:00pm - ODSC Intro, Food & Refreshments. 7:00pm - 7:40pm - Speaker One and Q&A 7:40 - 8:20 - Speaker Two and Q&A 8:20 - 8:40 - Networking IMPORTANT: Please bring your photo ID and sign in at the front desk. Speaker One: Dongjie Fan - Data scientist at CARTO https://www.linkedin.com/in/dongjie-fan/ Topic: Going Spatial - How to handle a Spatial Data Science project Bio: Dongjie Fan is a data scientist in CARTO. His background is Statistics and Urban Informatics. And His work focuses on large size geospatial data processing as well as applying statistical learning methods to solve prediction, inference and optimization problems in spatial data science field. Abstract: In this talk, Dongjie will talk you through how to scope a spatial data science project and share some obstacles when his team handle analytical geospatial problems in practice. The talk will start with a project sharing including data enrichment, large geospatial data processing, statistical learning methods in spatial data science field. Also he will introduce some relevant tools for data processing and visualization and other spatial data science projects that his team has been working on. Speaker Two: Julia Ingrid Lane, Professor at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service https://wagner.nyu.edu/community/faculty/julia-lane Topic: Building an Amazon.com for Data: Interacting with a New Data Tool Bio: Julia Ingrid Lane, Professor at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service, runs the Administrative Data Research Facility, where she pushes the boundaries of cutting-edge data science for the benefit of governments and researchers everywhere. Abstract: Researchers and analysts who want to use data for evidence and policy cannot easily find out who else worked with the data, on what topics and with what results. As a result, good research is underused, great data go undiscovered and are undervalued, and time and resources are wasted redoing empirical work. Our vision is to build an Amazon.com for data. We invited data science teams to compete against each other to develop an algorithm capable of detecting mentions of datasets in publication text and associate further information with these mentions. We are now challenging the data science community to validate the results of the competition. The interactive presentation will demo the results and ask the audience to provide feedback. Going forward, algorithms like these will help link data to research both retrospectively – past publications without documented relationships to datasets – and prospectively – suggesting to researchers uploading their papers that they link to documented datasets that seem to be mentioned in their manuscript. ODSC Links: • Get free access to more talks like this at LearnAI: https://learnai.odsc.com/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OPENDATASCI/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/odsc & @odsc • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/open-data-science/ • East Conference Apr 30 - May 3: https://odsc.com/boston

  • ODSC East Ignite Accelerate AI Webinar Warmup

    Needs a location

    ODSC East is getting closer! We want to invite you to participate in ODSC East's Ignite Accelerate AI Webinar Warmup. This event will feature four 10-minutes sessions presented by our distinguished speakers listed below. These presentations will give attendees a preview of what can be expected at ODSC East Accelerate AI Business Summit. This four-day conference will feature over 50+ business sessions to choose from and 500+ business delegates. To access this webinar, please register using the link below: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7143418591311016715 Date: March 27th, 2019 Time: 1 pm - 2 pm EST Full Agenda Detail: Session 1 - Adopting a Machine Learning Mindset: How to Discover, Develop, and Deliver Automation Solutions Company-Wide (10 Minutes) Abstract: As Machine Learning becomes a core component of any forward-looking company, how can we engage the entire workforce to help with ML and automation initiatives? This talk will cover how at Square we have adopted a "machine learning mindset" by 1. providing training to all employees (both technical and non-technical folks) on what ML is and how it works, including current applications and ethical considerations, 2. conducting structured brainstorming sessions to elicit automation opportunities, where everyone can contribute what ML could mean for their team or their customers, and 3. implementing a subset of those ideas by partnering with infrastructure, operations, and product teams, resulting in improved risk management, more efficient internal operations, and novel customer-facing product features. Session 2 - Building an Analytics Team (10 Minutes) Speaker: Hillary Green-Lerman, Senior Curriculum Lead, DataCamp Abstract: Based on her experience of building analytics teams from the ground up, Hillary will walk through the process of creating an analytics team. Session 3 - Building and Managing World-Class Data Science Teams (Easier Said Than Done) (10 Minutes) Speaker: Conor Jensen, Customer Success Team Lead, Dataiku Abstract: Despite the promise and opportunities of data science, many organizations are failing to see a return on their investment. The key issue holding organizations back is a lack of good data science management. This manifests in failure to effectively build and manage teams. In this workshop, we will go through a methodological approach for helping managers identify the needs of their organization and build the appropriate team. Session 4 - Integrating Data Science into Commercial Pharma: The Good, The Bad, and The Validated (10 Minutes) Speaker: Adam Jenkins, Ph.D., Data Science Lead, Biogen Abstract: One of the most difficult industries for data science to take hold and gain effectiveness is the world of commercial pharma/biotech. This talk will talk in depth about steps that companies in this space can take to make the most out of their data science teams and out of their data in general. We will dive into these issues through the context of how to bring the industry from one of “old school” sales and marketing techniques into one where machine learning can make a tangible top and bottom line impacts. Session 5 - AI and Value-Based Care: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Patient Outcomes (10 Minutes) Speaker: Jennifer Kloke, Ph.D., VP of Product innovation, Ayasdi Abstract: In this talk, Dr. Jennifer Kloke will walk through how healthcare institutions small and large will be able to apply artificial intelligence in the pursuit of value-based care. She can discuss the strategy, implementation, and results seen to date and go over how these advances are transforming the healthcare industry. ODSC Links: • Get free access to more talks like this at LearnAI: https://learnai.odsc.com/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OPENDATASCI/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/odsc & @odsc • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/open-data-science/ • East Conference Apr 30 - May 3: https://odsc.com/boston