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Welcome, to the Dream Energy Academy and congratulations on taking the conscious step to advance your awakening process for yourself and all of humanity. In unity and love.

Offering Energy workshops, Lucid Dreaming Tea free taste testing events, Video/Audio Conferencing Healing Sessions

♥ Join our online video forum at
www.dreamenergyacademy.com (http://www.dreamenergyacademy.com/) where I will introduce you to energy exercises, teach you grounding techniques to reconnect you to nature and all that is (Divine Creator/Source), breathing techniques, meditation, dreamscape exploration and integration to reality, soul projecting and merging with plants and animals, techniques to protect your energy field and more via one on one sessions, workshops or online schooling. For more advanced students I also offer to teach Telekinesis, Atmokinesis and Aerokinesis. The online academy is now open and is currently receiving students which get full access to the Padawan video lessons.

Dream Energy Academy launched in the Summer of 2016. The vision of Dream Energy Academy is to support and empower people as they advance on their personal spiritual journey. Creating an environment of learning, sharing and support that guides people through a quickening process and most importantly, offers a safe forum to share experience and support one another in unity consciousness, releasing the earthly limitations or conditioned beliefs of the human ability. The teachings created and taught within the Dream Energy academy are result of Trent’s years of traveling and searching for answers about the self and humanity. Travels that led him to experience a powerful and dramatic awakening which subsequently led him to a few rare individual energy guides from around the world. These teachings, along with his continued personal experiences, awakenings and mastery of the dreamscape has culminated in a passion to share, inspire and educate others. 2016 adds up to 9 which is the Universal Year in numerology. The Number 9 is about endings and with endings come new beginnings. This energetic shift has been one of the catalysts in deciding to no longer keep this powerful information withheld and to create a new beginning with the Dream Energy Academy.

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