The History of Film Through Antique Magic Lantern Presentation

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For hundreds of years before words like Netflix and 4K TV entered the English lexicon, the talk of the town was all about the Magic Lantern. Step back in time as we learn how Magic Lantern presentations, originally powered by candlelight, were the entertainment of the day.

Join New York Adventure Club as we explore the history of the Magic Lantern with The Museum of Interesting Things, a traveling interactive exhibition of antiques and inventions inspiring innovation and creativity.

Led by Denny Daniel, Founder of The Museum of Interesting Things, our unique experience inside a secret loft in SoHo will include:

A discussion around Magic Lantern presentations where a storyteller (or a charlatan showing spirits) would come to your town with an oil lamp magic lantern projector, and tell stories that made people laugh or scream, learn or sing

A rare presentation using an authentic candle-powered 19th-century Magic Lantern, including original Disney Magic Lantern slides from nearly 100 years ago

A look at original storytelling booklets that accompanied Magic Lantern slides of stories, including Pinocchio, Snow White, and so many more!

Stick around afterward for the Museum of Interesting Things' Secret Speakeasy, which is their monthly festival dedicated to all things vintage!

See you there!