What we're about

We all are fellow travelers on the road in search for home~ a place where you can be comfortable and just be yourself. New York Village welcomes people coming from all over the world speaking different languages and sharing their cultures. Just like a rainbow that blends different colors into one beautiful mix of styles and sounds.

WHAT HOBBIES DO YOU ENJOY DOING OR WHAT IS YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE THAT YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE WITH OTHERS?: When you have a strong passion or insightful knowledge about something you deeply care about, your natural desire is wanting to share it with others and bring people together around that. So come join us and share your ELEMENT with us! Let's all play, learn and grow together!!

Here are some of our suggestions~

- Language Sessions: Conversation sessions carried out in the language of your choice.

- Cultural Experiences: Getting a Full-body Scrubbing Massage at Jjimjilbang(Korean style sauna), Recording your own favorite Songs at Noraebang, Food Tasting tours in Traditional Markets, etc.

- Fun Events: Weekend Dinners at International Cuisine Restaurants, Group Visits to interesting Festivals and Touristic places, Girl's Chat Nights, Salsa Dance sessions, International Movie Nights, etc.

- Outdoor activities: Walking Tours, Group Hiking, Bike Riding and Yoga at the Park, etc.

- Sharing Your Knowledge and Skills: Introducing your Home Country to others, Leading Conversation sessions in your Favorite Language, Teaching others How to Cook and Bake, etc.

Hopefully, you'll find these activities helpful for integrating yourself better with the local culture and communities. We do our best with the few resources we have but the idea is to take small steps forward into making New York a little bit more friendly for all our friends coming from the different corners of the world.

Welcome to New York and enjoy your adventure~

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