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Come let's explore Zen through the life-changing process of self-inquiry and silent meditation as we ascend through our self-imposed limitations. This group is designed for the serious and committed Zen student.
I have over 40 years of meditation training and teaching. Please join me for an enlightening encounter.

The following passages further explain the process:

Within the stages of realizing the Zen mind, a variety of visions and abstractions may manifest for a time only to subside to normal waking consciousness. These fleeting experiences are varied and of non-specific form. It is not uncommon to experience ecstatic states and other normative spiritual experiences. Sounds likened to conch bells and high-pitched chimes may also be heard. This is an advanced state which may develop within the meditative process. Thoughts dissipate to the extent of completely stopping for longer and longer periods. One experiences deviations of normal waking awareness and limited functionality of one’s daily life. Emotional and physical health is often impacted with the extremes of energy surging through the body which may continue until the Zen mind is realized. These experiences may include uncontrollable shaking, nonsensical babble, racing heart rate, and blood pressure fluctuation.
The initial indoctrination into Zen mind begins with the dissolution of the subject/object mind and concomitant perception of the world having a dream-like and two-dimensional quality. Objects appear to merge into a vibrant and pulsating field of unqualified unity. The process of this initial stage progresses to a condition of non-being and total unawareness of the world with one moving about in an unconditioned and spontaneous fashion. It is the experience of the most profound peace and contentment. Extreme one-pointedness naturally manifests and ensues with its accompanying various experiences. Thoughts, sensations, and emotions very subtly arise from within, yet the mind remains still and unchanged and never disturbed by whatever comes; because one knows that whatever arises is not separate from one’s true nature.

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NOW & ZEN: THE POWER of PRESENCE (Continuing Event)

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Most of us are preoccupied with past and future events and ignore the inherent bliss of tasting each and every moment. Zen doctrine tells us living in past and future thoughts are as unreal as living in a dream while the experience of the true self comes in experiencing the aliveness of each and every moment. Our next class will explore powerful methods of mind mastery with the ultimate goal of setting free our own inner personal demons. Please join us for these important continuing events.

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