What we're about

A physical meetup for those looking to add a social aspect to game jamming. Disconnect the discord and grab a few drinks with like minded jammers of all abilities and create some seriously fun games!
Great opportunity to team up, with the potential for the team to come up with a full project brief of our own.
Artists | Programmers | Sound Design | Level Design | Project Management & more all welcome.
Whilst the environment is very relaxed it is primarily for the goal of furthering game making abilities and producing content. Therefore please ensure you have portable equipment to bring along for production.
There are no barriers to entry regarding skills and abilities however please pick an area that you wish to either improve or specialize in for the sake of development (i.e. programming, art, sound, design).
We will most often use the itch.io jams as a base for the projects.
On joining you will be asked what your chosen area of specialization is so we know a little bit about the team composition.

Past events (3)

Scream Jam 2019 | Jam Finalisation

Newcastle University Student Union

Scream Game Jam 2019 | The Jam Begins

The Mile Castle

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