What we're about

The Newcomer Immigrants Career Society is a community designed for career-minded immigrant newcomers and established professionals of all levels - whether you are planning on starting your first job in Canada or you are an experienced professional with a successful career in Canada.

The Newcomer Immigrants Career Society is ideal for:

Newcomers to Canada - Internationally Trained Professionals overwhelmed with the process and struggling to find your dream job regardless of the technical skills or professional expertise you possess

Established Immigrants or Canadian-born professionals - interested in connecting with, supporting and empowering diverse newcomers who want to fulfill their career aspirations and realize success in Canada

The Newcomer Immigrants Career Society serves to inspire and energize Newcomers to Canada by introducing insights and expertise that encourage taking charge of their careers, and expanding job possibilities while embracing diversity by providing:

• A forum to discuss how to overcome the barriers newcomers face with the 'No Canadian experience' challenge when establishing professional networks

• Advice on how to showcase your strengths, talents, and capabilities on your resume and during an interview

• Strategies for how to stay proactively engaged through the job search process

• An encouraging space where you can be empowered to action, confidently, discovering how to fast-track the recruitment process and reach your employment goals sooner, whether it's your first job in Canada or if you are thinking about transitioning into another role with upgrade in pay and/ or seniority.

• Networking opportunities and sharing of ideas in a respectful, supportive forum with other members, group leaders and guests

The Newcomer Immigrants Career Society meetups are held monthly in Mississauga. Join us this Friday December 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm at Microsoft Square One Store.

If you are passionate about making a positive difference in your career and other's careers, please join us to share your personal experiences about seeking employment, and gather and learn valuable feedback from other members of the group.

Proactive attendees eager to succeed will leave with greater confidence in taking next steps towards multiplying their achievements to thrive in their new job and life in Canada. Members will be provided with guidance and options for additional training.

YOU. CAN. WIN YOUR DREAM JOB when New to Canada!

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