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This is a group for people who want to expand their social circle here in the Springs and Manitou and meet some new people and have signed up for all of these meetup groups but they never actually go to any of the events because it might be lame or uncomfortable or both or then you'll get stuck at a stranger's house or on a hike or something and wish you never left home but at the same time you're not going t meet new people at your home and it would be nice to meet some new people or even one new person who you click with and could do stuff with which would make it worthwhile so might as well go to one of these even just for a bit and you can leave if you're not feeling it group.

Past events (50)

Day after Thanksgiving Hike in Cheyenne Canyon

Stratton Open Space

Drinks, darts, pool, shenanigans at Benny’s dive bar!

Bennys Restaurant & Lounge

Abbey Winery Harvest Festival

The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey

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