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UPDATE: Thank you, to those who joined this group expressing interest. When I first started this meetup, it was to gather a small band (5-6) of players. Happily, it has long since surpassed this expectation. There are currently two sub-groups that have a full roster of players which limits playing opportunities for others. I would suggest any experienced DMs interested in forming another sub-group and running their own campaign, please either contact me directly or start their own group on meet-up to offer interested players a chance to play. --- July 2018


This is a call for local D&D players who are interested in learning and playing 5th edition. All skill levels are welcome from novice to seasoned players. I've started this group to meet like-minded enthusiasts of the game, who may have fond memories of 1st or 2nd editions. Would be looking to start in spring playing at least once a month (depending on people's schedules). I've ten years experience DMing campaigns and one-off modules to groups from 1 to 10 players (although for this group, approximately 3-5 players should suffice). Though I'll admit to being away from the game for some time, it is exciting to see what 5th edition offers, while making new friendships along the way. I have the 5th edition set of books and players should have at least the Player's Handbook for their reference, along with a set of dice, good sportsmanship and a thirst for adventure! If this appeals to you, please feel free to get in touch. To give you an idea of time commitment, I would be looking for approx. 3-5 players who are able to commit to once a month (to start... maybe bi-monthly) for say an afternoon on the weekend or evening during the week.

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Keepers of the Realms: Session 0

Ayube's Place

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