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I am a registered psychotherapist who specializes in this field.

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This is a revolutionary boot-camp program where we have a (small group) confidential circle of women for 8 weeks. A lot of progress is being made with compulsive eating. This is new break thru technology of the most recent information to understand eating from emotions and biology.

There are over 2 billion people in the world that are now obese - that is nearly half the world's population. No one is getting thinner. If you think you are going to just start another diet and succeed - forget it. Until you understand the biology and the emotional structures - you, unfortunately, are (biologically) set up for failure. Currently there is a 95% failure rate. This new information is critical to keeping weight off, and going thru a full transformation of how to relate to food.

Why did the most of the Biggest Loser's from the TV show gain all their weight back?

Study came out recently in a major magazine that almost all the contestants from the Biggest Loser’s Show gained their weight back! Unbelievable! The tv show taught them right eating, good fitness, tremendous support. With all the support they received and the huge weight losses; and yet, their weight gained back. Why? They did not do the emotional work and this is what happens again and again with 95% of the population (true statistic).

Starting yet another diet? Diets can work but you need to learn the emotional tools to prevent sabotage.

First, go in a different direction: Learn these Emotional Eating Guidelines that I will personally teach you so that you can begin to change how you relate to food and to preventing more weight gain.

Altho I am relatively new to meetup, I wanted to take a moment to give you a report of the 4 sold out meetups. A journey with great women where we shared joy, fun and laughter -- filled with insight and tremendous self-discovery. None of the women are the same – they have all gone thru a transformation that they didn't think was possible.

Some of the women were a little nervous when they entered the course, but quickly realized how great the group experience was. They are transforming how they view their eating and the way they are looking at food – completely different. Many women jump back into the group to take again because the learnings are so powerful.

If you are going to try another diet or have failed another diet yet again, join us as a group member and learn to stop sabotaging weight loss, and, I believe, even more importantly, preventing weight gain.

I only do a three groups per year, and they do sell out.

A little about me .....

As a psychotherapist, I have specialized in emotional eating for over 25 years - this is my own recovery too!
The safe group format is important because it helps all of us to solve our our issues around food with support.

** We need an 8 week course and not just random one night drop ins because we build momentum each week as we go forward with new material that is built on previous weeks. You've had a life time of over-eating, a 'random' one night class is just not going to 'cut it'.

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