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Meditation and Channeling Course with Nick Newmont

Newmont Center

Did you ever say "I can't meditate?" If so, here is your opportunity to learn fundamental meditation that serves as the groundwork for channeling. First of all, have ever sat and worried? Have you ever daydreamed? Of course you have! You HAVE meditated, just unintentionally. On Wednesday March 27 at 7pm we begin an 8 week journey that takes you through the depths of you, your connections to spirit and beyond. I show how to truly and safely tap in to yourself and your spirit guides. I have enjoyed taking many on this journey and welcome you to come along. Each class is $20 per week. Please ask me about prepaid discounts. You are welcome to share this with your friends. Please RSVP by March 22nd. Thank you, Nick

Think Tank Mastermind for Entrepreneurs and Holistic Practitioners

This Mastermind is designed for specifically for Holistic Entrepreneurs, Therapists and Practitioners. We are so excited to create this opportunity to get together and network, gain power partners, create events together and share ideas for business and expansion of the holistic community. We are also bringing in the experts for us, the holistic community, to create a stronger presence within the area via social media, events and collaboration. At each session we’ll be discussing one of the following topics: Branding That Reflects You Stronger Community Presence Your Online Platform A Strong “Elevator Pitch” Securing Raving Testimonials (Yelp) Expanding Your Online Influence Using Social Media Purposefully Video… Why, When, and How Investment is $10 per person. We’ll be serving healthy snacks and drinks. Location is the Newmont Center for Balanced Living 28720 Roadside Drive, Suite 177 Agoura Hills, 91301 Call Audrey Newmont for more information[masked]

Tarot with a Twist Workshop with Nick Newmon

Newmont Center

Do you know what the Fool’s Journey is? In this class you will learn the answer and the historical background of the Rider-Waite Deck. Nick shares a great detailed description and interpretation of each card. Why is The Magician’s robe red and The High Priestess’ robe blue? You will learn the significance of colors and how to read each card of the Major and Minor Arcana and how to apply the Celtic-Cross spread. This informative and enjoyable workshop is for both experienced and novice readers. This class presents the foundational card meanings which can be applied to other decks. You will also learn the subtle nuances of each card and how to apply the deeper meanings to all life situations for yourself and others; without having one ounce of psychic ability, and… I truly enjoying teaching this class and I invite you to join me on this journey. ~Nick Date: Sunday April 7th 2019 Time: 11am to 6pm Location: The Newmont Center for Balanced Living 28720 Roadside Drive Suite 177 Agoura Hills 91301 Tuition: $165.00 Early discounted registration fee $145 if paid by March 1st Refreshments are provided

Mindful Meditation with Nick Newmont

Newmont Center


If you are looking for a means of calm to escape the rigors of everyday life, this is the ticket. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator you are welcome to join us. Many people have said they could not meditate because they thought they had to quiet their mind. Right-brained meditation is a beautiful journey within oneself to a place of calm. One major benefit of regular meditation is Improvement of body luster and general health-When your mind focuses on a particular part of the body, the blood flow to that part increases and cells receive more oxygen and other nutrients in abundance. "When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place." — Bhagavad Gita

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