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Constellation Healing Event with Gary Stuart

Newmont Center

This amazing experience harnesses your own subconscious mind empowering YOU to achieve any goal in a deeper and more profound way. This honors the Past and creates a new Future! 3 STEPS: (1) A single SUBJECT (2) An intended GOAL with your REP (3) Your RESOLUTION “LIFE is YOUR birthright and GIFT from your ANCESTORS” This improved DIRECTED 3 Step simplified approach has been developed by me over the past few years. It’s a targeted, laser focused dynamic release and permanent resolution. My 22+ year skill releases the stuck energy by verbally addressing the deeper truths which bring healing, closure and completion. The most popular issues are HEALTH, WEALTH/ABUNDANCE/ PROSPERITY, ROMANCE or INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT brought forth resolved in record time 10-15 minutes at most. A Quantum Activated Constellation changes your problem to solution. LIFEWAVE X39 Lecture + Demo mid-afternoon with Marci Preble www.LIFEWAVE.com/AskGary #[masked] Create a new dimensional boundary between the PAST in the PRESENT for the FUTURE! Constellations are a dimensional conscious healing process improving all aspects of your life. RSVP GARY STUART [masked] Office (760)[masked] or Cell[masked]

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Tarot with a Twist Workshop with Nick Newmont

Newmont Center

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