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Kelly had lived in Newport for several years before NWSC came to be in 2014. She joined the group in hopes of meeting people that were interested in similar activities that shared an excitement for Newport. What she didn't know, was that she would end up creating wonderful friendships with so many unique and irreplaceable ladies. She loves that this group is made up of a great mix of local "Newporters" as well as women straight off the bridge. With a career based in wellness and healthcare, Kelly is always planning or attending active events, both indoors and outdoors. That doesn't mean that she won't join you for a wine tasting or her favorite Newport Restaurant Week stop.


Elizabeth moved to Newport in the fall of 2014. It was her first time moving away from everything she had ever known; family, friends, career...and comfort. She knew the only way to make Newport feel like home, was to get out there and explore; but she didn't really want to do it alone and that was when she found NWSC. Her very first event was a Barre Class hosted by Tina, and Elizabeth was THAT girl (asking Tina 20 million questions before the event..."How will I find you?" "Do we just do the class then leave" "Please be my friend, even if you don't like me...PRETEND!" [clearly a joke]). Fast forward to a year later, Elizabeth wanted to become more involved so she started hosting the ABCs of Newport. As round one of the ABCs was coming to a close, she was presented with the opportunity to become the main organizer of the group and jumped at the chance. She enjoys exploring Newport with this wonderful group of women. Her favorite part about this group is that it literally changed her life. The women she has met have turned in to some of her biggest supporters and dearest friends and her hope is that this group can mean the same to others.


Tina was born and raised in the Sunshine State (Florida). After college she moved to Manhattan where shortly after she fell in love with the man of her dreams who would end up bringing her back to his home state of Rhode Island. (Thanks Ben!) She has now been a resident of Newport for 4 years and could not be more in love with the city by the sea. A big part of her love for this special place is the friendships that she has made through NWSC. Fun Fact: She attended NWSC's very first MeetUp event in May of 2014. She enjoys being a part of this group of women because it is filled with locals and transplants of all ages; all with one thing in common...everyone is looking for fun ways to explore this beautiful seaside town while making lifelong friends along the way.


Yep, she knows it's a weird one to pronounce and understands that most people won't get it right the first no worries! Eilish is an active woman with a full life; filled with dogs, twins, career and a really cool husband. Somehow she finds time to plan events for NWSC and keep it all together without breaking a sweat or spilling the champagne. She has been a member of NWSC since 2014 when she found herself back "home" in Newport RI. She loves this group of ladies because everyone is always up for fun and new adventures. She also loves that the ages in our group may vary, but one thing is constant, we are all young at heart.

Our Events

We enjoy a variety of events...literally from A to Z (check out our ABCs of Newport series) but here are a few: skiing, surfing, paddle boarding, yoga, hiking, 5k, cooking classes, wine tasting, day or weekend travel, reading and book clubs, holistic wellness and integrative health classes or seminars, volunteer opportunities, paint or plant nights, holiday parties, movies, Restaurant Week, dinner, wine, wine....more wine! Please join us at our next event, we can't wait to meet you!

Our History

It all began in the spring on 2014, when Lisa Tompkins (navy wife that worked from home in the fashion industry) found herself yearning to form close knit friendships to explore the beautiful city of Newport with. This little seaside town had too many great things to discover, and what better way than to experience them with a bunch of fun-loving women? She knew that there had to be others, both newcomers and natives, who shared similar interests and decided to form Newport Women's Social Club (NWSC). The group became a hit and has attracted women of all backgrounds and ages. With the help of her carefully appointed team of event organizers, the events were, and continue to be, frequent with a wide variety. Lisa turned over the group to Elizabeth, Eilish, Kelly & Tina when she and her family moved to Florida in the summer of 2016.

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