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Somatic Mindful Empowerment (TRE and Stress Management)
This meet-up will begin connecting at the “TRE class” on Tuesday’s and the “Stress Management, Mindfulness, and Movement class” at Airmid Wellness and Counselling Center in Warminster, PA, as these practices embody the intention of this group. I look forward to seeing everyone there! *** Danielle and I just finished another advanced TRE training this weekend, so we’re excited to bring another level of support to you all.***

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From Chronic Stress and/or Trauma to Empowerment!

Calling all personal growth enthusiasts and professionals in the areas of mindfulness, somatic healing, depth psychology, and Archetypal Seekers of deepening conscious awareness...

My name is Mike Thomas, and I am the co-owner of Holistic Fitness Lifestyle. I am in the process of honing a technique called "Somatic Mindful Repatterning," which uses influences from various modalities, ranging from mindfulness, to somatic awareness-based movements and TRE (I am also a certified TRE Provider, among many other things), to yoga and T'ai Chi Chu'an, to (nonsecular) spiritual practices rooted in Integrative Psychology that enhance well-being, consciousness, and overall alignment with purpose in service to the greater societal whole.

I am compiling experiences from clients and personal practice to write a book to launch this modality, and I am seeking individuals to practice this innovative and life-changing technique that are seekers, and that practice personal accountability and integrity as a foundation. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!

Coming from a background of childhood trauma, chronic illness, and an adult life learning to manage the resulting chronic stress and stunted development of my brain and nervous system (resulting in issues ranging from epilepsy to appendicitis, to ADHD and PTSD), I have overcome insurmountable obstacles to be where I am today. Stemming from a professional background in holistic fitness and Integrative Psychology (Coaching based in unconscious pattern retraining), I have created a method that I am clear needs to be shared (free of charge, in case that wasn't clear).

This meet-up has the distinct intention to uphold standards that promotes mutual respect and human dignity for ALL backgrounds and needs. Not only would I love to serve all those who are interested in deepening their personal growth, ability to align with their unique purpose in service, and upgrade quality of life from the inside on a consistent basis, but I intend to cultivate a space for other like-minded professionals to contribute, collaborate, and support one another in healing individually, and support the community to heal and grow as well.

Some topics that I intend to cover, and practical tools of support will include:
*Archetypal Embodiment Practices (somatic dimension of transformation, which I believe to be a critical to individual and societal healing, and is tragically missing from public awareness)
*Strengthening "PRACTICAL Intuition" (useful and pragmatic techniques for increasing your ability to listen to and follow your body's wisdom from within.
*Practical Applications of "Attachment Theory" for relationships, personal growth, and recovering family and community connectedness
*Mindfulness Meditation
*Stress Management (From an Interpersonal Neurobiology perspective)
*"Nonviolent Communication" (AKA "Compassionate Communication")
*TRE "Trauma Releasing Exercises"
*Polyvagal Theory (critical in updating our awareness of the current science that reveals our innate capacity to self-heal, and transform practices around stress management, trauma, and overall wellness)
*Integrative Coaching Concepts and Practices
*Hypnotherapy-Based Guided Meditation
*Unconscious Pattern Retraining (a central theme to expedited personal growth and expanded consciousness)
*Brain Health (Coaching and resources from the Amen Clinic)
*Huna (A Hawaiian Shamanism-based tradition that underlies the power of the unconscious mind in manifestation, using visualization)
*Relieving Chronic Tension and improving posture through unlocking the body's natural capacity to deepen grace, power, and playfulness of movement
*and SO MUCH MORE!!!

This is NOT intended to be a meet-up for networking, but is rooted in an authentic desire to serve and collaborate with those who seek truth through personal growth. Perhaps in our round-table discussions and events there will be an opportunity to contribute your knowledge and expertise to support overall growth, but those intending to "get" rather than "give" will not be welcome to continue to attend. This protects the purity of intention to serve one another in collaboration and healing.

If this sounds like your "tribe," please reach out to contribute to the online discussion! My intention is to start in-person meet-ups around late June, or July, but that will depend on a sufficient response and interest.

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