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Hi. Next Fifty FUN Seekers is for WOMEN age 50+ (although you may join us if you are younger :-) Let’s get together to celebrate this time in our lives with optimism, laughter and curiosity. We aspire to age with grace, joy and verve, with a group of awesome ladies who know how to have FUN.

We challenge you to rediscover your inner child, and to freely express your delight at the simple joys that surround us…
Simple joys like…
* Viewing a play, movie, artistic performance, and talking about it afterwards
* Attending a community event and supporting local performers/artists, vendors, organizations
* Walking near, or boating on, the Bellingham Bay
* Dining out, picnics and potlucks, wine tasting, happy hours, coffee/tea, chocolate, and interesting conversations
* Exploring Bellingham’s public art collection or searching and finding a geocache treasure
* Sharing (or trying out) a passion or hobby - dancing, singing, art, crafts, writing, cooking
* Doing something you loved as a kid. Sing silly songs, play board and card games, splash in puddles, or look up at the sky and see what shapes the clouds form
* Lending our neighbors a helping hand by volunteering as a group for one of the many wonderful Bellingham nonprofits
* Spreading happiness. When you get good news, don’t keep it to yourself - tell a friend. You’ll relive the moment and have the extra pleasure of your friend’s reaction.

We want to keep our brains active and engaged by interacting with a variety of women friends who have a positive outlook and know how to laugh at life’s hassles. We know that no day is perfect. But there’s often something at least a bit amusing in challenging situations if you look for it. :-)

Being joyful has the power to help you bounce back from stressful events, solve problems, think flexibly and even fend off diseases. So let’s meetup, become friends, and have FUN experiencing the simple joys that surround us!

Although this is a WOMEN-ONLY meetup, there will be events where you can bring your male friends/significant other and/or child/grandchildren. If so, it will be noted in the event description.



A * current * clear * facial * photo * of * only * you * is * REQUIRED for group membership. Use the Organizer's photo as the example of what we are asking you to post. Sorry ladies, no exceptions! You will be DECLINED without the required photo and asked to re-submit. We need to be able to recognize you at events. We believe it is important in forming social connections to see a photo of you so we can start connecting names with faces and get to know the women in the group.

Note: We do welcome WOMEN that are younger than 50 who want to do activities with a group of women age 50+ :-) as well as those women that live outside Bellingham that want to do activities in Bellingham/Fairhaven where the majority of the events take place.


Our events are a mixture of activities based on member's interests. It's a platform for each member to share activities they enjoy or would like to try out. If you’re planning on attending an activity (or want to do something) you don’t see on the calendar and you are willing to post and host, please message Dawn A. through Meetup.

Hosting duties include deciding what to do, posting the event/description/details, answering event comments/questions, checking the meetup before you go and make a list of women who will be attending (or plan to access the list on your cell phone), have a meetup sign at the event (if needed), greet members, take attendance and photos, and most important - have FUN!

We recommend public venues but you are welcome to post events that take place in your home. Although, even though this is a private meetup group, we still advise you not to post your address or phone number in the event description - although a mention of the general area you live in is a good idea. We recommend that you send a meetup message with your address (and phone number if you like) only to the members that sign up.

You can ask for a nominal donation to cover costs of the venue/activity or ask that members support the venue by purchasing something to eat/drink.

Note: We believe choices are good! Please feel free to organize events that are running at the same time as current posted events. Our members have diverse interests and may be more interested in your event than the one currently posted :-)
Remember, though, no business solicitations will be allowed.

Limiting Attendance:

Event Hosts may limit participation numbers so that everyone, including the host, enjoys the event. Please respect this decision. We have found that smaller events are the ONLY ones conducive to getting to know each other.

Note: Many members change their minds the week/day before the event so Waiting List RSVP are usually able to attend.

Common courtesies:

1. All our events require you to RSVP to attend. Since many events include reservations of some sort, like at a restaurant, you cannot just show up or bring along a friend - unless the event specifies that you can bring a guest. If it does, there will be a spot for you to RSVP your guest.

2. NO SHOWS ARE RUDE!! Please change your RSVP online a minimum of one hour before the event and let the event organizer know you can't make it.

If you started on the WAITLIST, please check your status an hour before the event as you may now be RSVP due to someone changing their RSVP to NO. (you should also receive an email)

3. Event Organizers are volunteers who spend their own time researching and planning an event so when you arrive you can relax and enjoy yourself. Be respectful of the organizer. If you have comments, suggestions or criticism please bring them up with the organizer "privately."

4. If you have questions about a specific event, send a Meetup ‘message’ to the Event Organizer of that event. All hosts are responsible for their own events and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

5. We want to start on time, plan on being at the event 5-10 minutes early.

6. We reserve the right to remove members who are rude and do not show courtesy to others.

7. If there are no other "Yes" RSVP's to an event other than the Event Organizer, they reserve the right to cancel the Meetup.

8. NO SOLICITING of your product or services.

NOTE: Occasionally, someone/group creates fake profiles for personal gain. Those will be removed at our discretion without notice. Also take comfort that problem individuals/profiles are dealt with promptly and accordingly.

Contributions welcome:

Meetup charges the organizer (Dawn A.) a $15 monthly fee. Rather than charging member dues, we ask that, after you have been with the group for awhile, if you feel it has value, please consider making a contribution to help cover the cost of having the meetup group. Simply click the "Chip In" button. Thanks!

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