HOSTED BY ACCESS SILICON VALLEY (https://www.meetup.com/Access-Silicon-Valley-Amsterdam/events/232427791/) COVER CHARGE FOR THIS EVENT -- REQUIRES A TICKET PURCHASE ON EVENTBRITE (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-funding-a-great-startup-are-you-silicon-valley-ready-tickets-26473022523?aff=NGSA). **THIS AMSTERDAM CAPITAL WEEK EVENT IS A 4-HOUR IN PERSON TICKETED WORKSHOP** There will be no livestream for this workshop. All attendees must PURCHASE TICKETS on Eventbrite (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-funding-a-great-startup-are-you-silicon-valley-ready-tickets-26473022523?aff=NGSA). Light dinner and refreshments are provided. Space is extremely limited, so please buy your tickets (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-funding-a-great-startup-are-you-silicon-valley-ready-tickets-26473022523?aff=NGSA) early. This Amsterdam Capital Week workshop is for startup founders, startup executives, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and developers only. --------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are looking to build a successful, fundable startup, that is READY TO BE PITCHED TO INVESTORS, you won’t want to miss this 4-hour workshop at Amsterdam Capital Week! Roger Rappoport, a former entrepreneur of 10 years, currently the founder of Access Silicon Valley, and leader of the Emerging Growth and Technology Practice Group at Procopio, a prestigious law firm in Silicon Valley, is coming to Amsterdam to share critical tips and best practices for European startup founders looking to get their startup funded, or just want to create a solid foundation for building a great startup. Taco Heerkens Thijssen of Wintertaling, an independent law firm in Amsterdam specializing in corporate, private equity, and venture capital law, is co-hosting with Roger, which will bring together both European and Silicon Valley perspectives for this one of kind event! PURCHASE TICKETS on Eventbrite (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-funding-a-great-startup-are-you-silicon-valley-ready-tickets-26473022523?aff=NGSA) MATERIALS A comprehensive printed workbook (over 100 pages), with reference materials is included in the price of the admission. OVERVIEW Besides building and selling a product, entrepreneurs need to consider many other things: - How to form a company - How to hire the right people - How to compensate the team - How to split the pie with co-founders and early employees - How much equity to give investors and at what valuation - How to raise money and under what terms - Developing an effective funding strategy (discussing the development of a funding strategy, and the sale of equity, convertible debt, SAFE’s etc.) - And many more Often times these issues seem overwhelming, and traps for the unwary or uninformed are numerous. However, successfully avoiding the most common pitfalls can make a significant difference: - as to whether or not your startup is fundable - the sources and types of capital that you will attract - who controls the company - how much you will make upon exit - and your startups overall likelihood of success. PURCHASE TICKETS on Eventbrite (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-funding-a-great-startup-are-you-silicon-valley-ready-tickets-26473022523?aff=NGSA)for this one of a kind, 4-hour workshop. CURRICULUM In this Amsterdam Capital Week workshop, part of Access Silicon Valley’s Startup Fundamentals series, Roger Rappoport (http://www.procopio.com/attorneys/roger-c-rappoport), (http://www.procopio.com/attorneys/roger-c-rappoport) and Taco Heerkens Thijssen (http://www.wintertaling.nl/team/taco-heerkens-thijssen/) of Wintertaling, will conduct an interactive, informative session with great take away materials and actionable items. Startup issues that will be covered in this workshop (among others): - what Silicon Valley investors are looking for, and how to position the company to be most attractive for those investors; - choices in entity selection; - creating an appropriate capitalization table; - co-founders vs early employees (should they be treated differently?); - appropriate allocations of founders’ stock (including Series FF Preferred Stock) between founders and vesting, repurchase rights and rights of first refusal; - determining if and when it is appropriate to obtain proxies from co-founders/early employees; - stock allocation for employees, consultants, board and advisory board members; - when milestone based vesting, as opposed to time based vesting, is appropriate; - the assignment of intellectual property, and ensuring that all IP created belongs to the company; - executing employment/consulting agreements; - how to develop an effective funding strategy, so that you sell the right security, to the right investor, at the right time; and - the value of developing an intellectual property strategy early on. AGENDA: 16:00 - 16:30 - Networking, food and refreshments 16:30 - 20:00 - Startup workshop and Q & A SPEAKER BIOS: Roger Rappoport, Partner & Leader of the Emerging Growth and Technology Practice Group, Procopio; Founder, Access Silicon Valley Roger is a former entrepreneur of 10 years and currently a practicing corporate attorney (in Silicon Valley) and the leader of Procopio’s Emerging Growth & Technology Practice Group. He has extensive experience advising emerging growth companies, from inception through exit, and the investors that finance them. Roger’s practice focuses on venture capital and angel investor financings (including convertible notes, SAFEs and other debt financings), mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, distribution, development, manufacturing and licensing transactions, executive compensation, including the establishment of equity incentive plans and general corporate governance. Roger is a frequent speaker and panelist on topics related to “doing it right” from inception, developing an appropriate funding strategy and negotiating term sheets. Roger frequently advises clients on developing a funding strategy and helps negotiate a company’s seed, angel and venture capital round of financing. Roger has experience with clients in a diverse array of industries including software (B2B and B2C), hardware, communications, internet, renewable energy, medical devices, med-tech, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. Roger is also currently the founder of Access Silicon Valley, which is committed to creating access, for founders worldwide, to the best and the brightest investors, entrepreneurs and experts in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Before attending law school, he was the founder of a company for 10 years. Roger received his BA and LLB from the University of Cape Town, and his LLM from Harvard Law School. Connect with Roger here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rogerrappoport Taco Heerkens Thijssen, Attorney at Wintertaling law firm in Amsterdam Taco specializes in corporate law and contract law, focusing on mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity, venture capital, structuring, and corporate governance, and also advises on general company-law matters. Taco has assisted various clients from different industry sectors, including clients in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and healthcare sectors. Before joining Wintertaling, Taco worked for a leading independent Dutch law firm where he advised the Japanese quoted insurance company Tokio Marine on the sale of a Dutch subsidiary to DEKRA; Telecom Italia in the sale of BBned N.V. to Tele2; and the Serbian/Croatian private equity investor Blue Sea Capital in various acquisitions of care providers. Connect with Taco here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tacoheerkensthijssen *********PURCHASE TICKETS HERE************** (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-funding-a-great-startup-are-you-silicon-valley-ready-tickets-26473022523?aff=NGSA) PREMIER SPONSORS: Wintertaling (http://www.wintertaling.nl/en/) – An independent law firm in Amsterdam specializing in corporate, M&A, real estate and private client services. Procopio (http://www.procopio.com/)- A US law firm, ranked among the 2014 and 2015 Best Law Firms by U.S. News & World Report

  • Meet young entrepreneurs from Ghana, Kenya and the Philippines

    The Impact Hub Amsterdam

    Dear all, Glad to have joined your group. I would like to suggest the following event. Next week the Ye! Community, a worldwide platform for young entrepreneurs, will be organizing a BoostCamp, during which 30 young entrepreneurs from Ghana, Kenya and the Philippines get the opportunity to work on their business plan and value proposition. Amongst them are many tech- startups and social entrepreneurs. Next to their packed training schedule during the day, we would really like our participants to meet the local entrepreneurial scene from the Netherlands and to network with some entrepreneurs relevant to their field. That is why we will be organizing a get-together on Tuesday 13 October from 16:30 at the ImpactHub in Amsterdam. Any groupmembers who are interested in joining or who would like to receive some more information on the BoostCamp and our participants, please send me an email on [masked]. Find more information on the Ye! and join the community on www.yecommunity.com. Hope to see some of you there! Mischa van Diepen

  • Join our Startup Expert Night on Lean Startup

    WeWork Amsterdam

    How can you develop your product without wasting time and money on features your customers don't want? Our guest speaker is Leon Pals. Leon is at the center of the Dutch Lean Startup scene. He introduced some world famous initiatives in The Netherlands like Lean Startup Machine and Leancamp, and he is the founder of the Startup Foundation Experience. He is deeply involved in innovative entrepreneurship techniques like Lean Startup, Agile, Scrum etc., and more than willing to share his knowledge. Leon Pals will give you valuable insights in the Lean Startup method: - the basic concept - common pitfalls and how to avoid them - some real life examples - practical tips to get you going The drinks are on us, and we will even have free pizza at the start. There will also be an opportunity for founders to practice their 2-minute pitch. It's a chance to get some attention for your startup and maybe build some valuable connections. If you are interested to pitch, please mail us at [masked]. Agenda 18:00 pizza / drinks 18:30 pitch practice / startup shoutout 19:00 expert talk 19:40 networking / drinks We will be organizing this expert night at WeWork Amsterdam. WeWork is the rappidly growing chain of coworking spaces that provides space, community, and services to small businesses and startups. The new location in Amsterdam not only offers their members free specialty coffee, broadband internet and draught beer, but also IT-support, legal advice and education.

  • Networking and Pizza Time again!

    BounceSpace Amsterdam

    Good morning! Hope you are all doing fine on this beautiful early spring day! Because of the succes of previous edition, it's going to happen again: Thursday next week (March 19th) it's Networking and Pizza Time again! The setup will be similar: we are aiming again for a get together with the members of our group to see where and how we can help one another to grow and expand our businesses. May it be tips&tricks, connecting with each other, referring potential clients, or sharing opinions about hiring online, we're all set to have fun in a friendly vibe. But this time we are going to add a little spice to the pizza :) As an experiment we will allow anyone interested to pitch their startup (idea) to the rest of us. It's a good practice and an opportunity for honest feedback. And maybe you'll excite some interesting people and get this going! We will have 3 time slots of 2 minutes each, starting at 19:00, so let me know if you are interested. Ofcourse I will be around, hosting the event, and answering any questions you might have about Elance-oDesk and hiring online. And, guys, don't forget - Pizza and drinks are on the house! We have a limit of attendees so make sure you book your place already! See you guys there!

  • Scaling Your Startup, a workshop on online hiring

    BounceSpace Amsterdam

    Hi everyone, How are you all doing? Probably busy going through "The Grind" in your startup. Working hard to get wheels in motion and take your business to the next level. Have you ever considered hiring freelancers internationally to help you scale? That can provide expert knowledge and additional capacity at an affordable rate really easy. Monday the 9th of March we are organizing an oDesk Workshop on Hiring Freelancers Online at BounceSpace Amsterdam. It starts at 20:00. The free workshop consists of: 1. a short presentation (introduction and overview of the platform), 2. an actual job example, from idea to results 3. hands-on use of the platform, with one-on-one coaching. 4. Q&A on scaling a startup You will get insider tips and tricks which will improve your chances on hiring succesfully. See you guys there!

  • Networking and pizza time!

    BounceSpace Amsterdam

    Good morning! I hope you're all having a great start of 2015! Next Tuesday, we're organising a networking event for out Meetup group. This time we won't have an agenda set in stone. We're aiming for a get together with the members of our group to see where and how we can help one another to grow and expand our businesses. May it be tips&tricks, connecting with each other, referring potential clients, or sharing opinions about hiring online, we're all set to have fun in a friendly vibe. My colleague Leon and I will be around, hosting the event, and answering any questions you might have about Elance-oDesk and online work. And, guys, don't forget - Pizza and drinks are on the house! We have a limit of attendees so make sure you book your place already! See you guys there!

  • Introducing oDesk: Love the way you work.

    The Impact Hub Amsterdam

    Dear Next Generation Startup members, During the last months, we’ve attended and organized various events for startups: from pitch nights, incubator weekends, to workshops and expert nights. At these events, we stumbled upon various people, with inspiring ideas and entrepreneurial ambitions. When talking about expanding their businesses, most people said they could use some tips & tricks on recruiting and hiring the best freelancers. Therefore, the workshop on Friday, November 21st, aims to fully cover the area of getting acquainted with oDesk and hiring freelancers on the platform. In order to do so, we’ve put together the following agenda for the evening: 1. Attendees coming in and networking with each other. 2. How startups can grow effectively by hiring online freelancers. Introducing oDesk. Recruiting on oDesk. Manuela van Vloten - Elance-oDesk Mobilizer Amsterdam 3. A personal success story on how hiring on oDesk helped his business expand. Martijn Mik - founder of Qlickscan 4. Q&A session & networking And that’s not all! To keep us bound to the upcoming winter season, we’ll have plenty of drinks & oliebollen on the house! See you guys there!

  • Wow us with your great idea, win prizes & bragging rights!

    BounceSpace Amsterdam

    Hello, Boy, do I have good news for you: We're invited to our first Pitch Night in Amsterdam, a fun, super-charged event hosted by Elance-oDesk. What’s an Elance-oDesk Pitch Night? You and 10 fellow entrepreneurs will each have 5 minutes in the spotlight to present your next great idea to a crowd of rowdy onlookers and our esteemed panel of judges. It can be about your next business venture, mobile app, bike repair tool, food delivery service or whatever. As long as it’s brilliant, you’re in the competition. But only 10 ideas will make the cut, so submit your idea for consideration. Follow this link to submit your great idea and wow the attendants and the members of the jury: https://docs.google.com/a/elancecloud.com/forms/d/1jH6w6ZJyrdur1ubI2wHgFyeDJGGeKCccGsyIsKcfCOE/viewform Then join Elance-oDesk and others for the festivities. When: October 29th at 6:30 PM Where: : BounceSpace Amsterdam, Overtoom 144, 1054 HG Amsterdam Members of the jury: Judge #1: Ruben Timmerman - Founder of Springest Judge #2: Thijs Gitmans - Investor @ Peak Capital Judge #3: Floris van Alkemade - Investor @ Solid Ventures,henQ Invest & Booster Media First prize: $1000 to be spend on the oDesk Platform to start making your idea reality. Just interested in enjoying the free show? You can register on the Eventbrite page: http://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-elance-odesk-pitch-night-october-29th-2014-13210459841 We can't wait to hear all the great ideas!

  • Thursday the 25th: Get the most out of using Elance

    Thursday the 25th is all about getting the most out of using Elance. http://doodle.com/csz2ate6ebvzsbrc In order to get there, I'm organising one-on-one 40 minutes sessions with those of you who are interested to share your very own experience related to Elance and to answer the questions you may have about the platform and using it. In order to book your 40 minutes session, please access this link: http://doodle.com/csz2ate6ebvzsbrc ...then fill in your name and choose the empty slot that fits your schedule. After you have done that, don't forget to add me on Skype (user id: sabarezmanu) and you're all set! During the session you selected for this upcoming Thursday, depending on your goals, I will also share my screen to go through the platform step by step. May you be a start up, a freelancer, or representing a business, may you have a profile or not on Elance, book your Doodle slot, add me on Skype (sabarezmanu) and let's get the most out of using Elance! Have a productive day, Manuela

  • Get your tickets to attend the Startup Rally this September 10th!

    Dear all, I hope everyone has had a great summer so far, has relaxed and took advantage of the sunny days. September is starting with a bunch of amazing start up events for all entrepreneurs out there. This time, Elance is sponsoring Startup Rally, a series of pitching and networking events running across 9 European cities with buzzing start up scene. This Wednesday, September 10th, The Rally is coming to our city! Come and meet other startup enthusiasts and emerging entrepreneurs, share ideas, meet and network with the organizers and the Elance Mobilizers! To get your tickets, follow this link: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/startup-rally-amsterdam-tickets-12488847479 For more info about Startup Rally, check out this page! http://startuprally.org I hope to see you guys there! Manuela