InsureTech Future - Future customer behavior and the IOT Opportunity

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Is IoT shaping the future of insurance?

Customer behaviour driving the innovative insurance models -

• Key Market Trends - Connected IoT devices to reach an installed base of 25 billion units by 2020

• Health, auto & home insurance – A cross-Industry transformation landscape with real-time monitoring, collection, and analysis of behavioural data for tracking customer lifecycle, finance apps on wearables, Smart contracts, upgraded payments etc.

Opportunities & challenges for IoT in Health insurance -

• Key challenges for the health insurers (new providers, new data, and new policies)

• FinTech cashing on the changing customer expectations to offer new products and services in insurance (A Case Study)

• Potential partnerships between traditional insurers and FinTechs


• Everett Leonidas, Aviva (Panel Moderator)

• Matthias De Ferrieres, Stark Group

• Steve Mcarthur, ConnexionsAsia

• Nico Chaussin, Aviva

• Hugh Terry, The Digital Insurer

• Prashant Aggrawal, AIA


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