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NExT Step REI Club: We are a group of investors whose passion is to advance ourselves, our community and our legacy through Real Estate. By providing education, information, mentorship along with cutting edge investment techniques, and business ownership strategies.

Our member's goals are usually to change their current financial situation and create a legacy for their future generations. Whether you are looking for a place where you can learn to invest your hard earned dollars for a great fixed return or just looking to acquire a rental property and create cashflow, Next Step REI Club is for you.

Next Step REI Club's Mission: To provide education, information, mentorship and networking to further its member’s real estate investment goals. If you're ready to take the "NExT Step", have any interest in the above, and the feeling of passion rises up in you when you read the following then this great group is for you!

If you feel it necessary to dissolve the economic bonds that tie us to dead-end jobs and unwanted bosses, If you desire instead to pursue excellence, personal Development, fulfillment and financial independence through Real Estate Investing/Business Ownership-Free Enterprise. (By the way...Free Enterprise is not the private domain of any one gender, race or religion)

If you fully recognize that you posses certain God-given talents and abilities, among them the ability to think, learn, act, dream and believe!

Then join us in declaring from this day forth to choose of our own free will to realize our fullest potential by becoming the change we wish to see in the world and creating our own Professional Real Estate Investing business. Next...

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