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• Wanna hang out, flaunt your English and practice your Spanish with interesting locals?!?

• We are professionals from all fields and walks of life. Come and have fun with us!!!

Quieres aprender o mejorar tu Inglés o Holandés y conocer a compatriotas y extranjeros que tienen el mismo interés?!?

• Practicamos, platicamos y nos divertimos con conversaciones de todos temas, somos profesionales de todos los campos.

• Ven a practicar y conocer!



Join us!!!

Facebook to know about activities and workshops: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1987123244911026/

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Morfeo Language Exchange Thursdays

Casa Morfeo, Karaoke

Hello guys!!! We get together at Casa de Morfeo at 75th Street #15-24 (one block up from the North entrance of 76th street TM station) at 6pm. We have different activities such as games, workshops and debates.

Nicopan Language Exchange Saturdays

Nicopan Bakery, corner of 74th street # 15th Avenue

Hi guys, join us!!! Let's practice English by playing some games, having conversations, and making some friends!! We'll meet at Nicopan (the bakery) on the corner of the 74th street with 15th Avenue, from 2 to 6pm on the second floor and then we'll go to Casa de Morfeo 75th Street # 15-24 till midnight. Join us!!

NicOnline Spanish-English

Online event

Hello!!! Do you wanna practice Spanish or English? Join us LIVE on Saturday here: https://sites.google.com/view/nicopanonline/home We start with Spanish and then we play games or have conversations. Let's meet up at NicOnline Language Exchange. (-5UTC) Room 1 from 15h to 18h with Diego Room 2 from 18h to 20h with Leidy Room 3 from 20h to 22h with Resham


Titan Plaza Shopping Mall

We meet to converse, play games, and have FUN while practicing English together! Hello guys! We get together every Monday from 6 to 10pm at Titan. We're in the middle of the big food court along Boyaca Avenue, on the third floor. We are professionals from all fields. Come and have fun with us! Practice & improve your English by interacting with more people! If you are a foreigner looking for locals to practice your Spanish, you can join us as well. Our event doesn't have any cost and you can arrive at a time that suits you 😉. See you at Titan!!

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NicOnline Spanish-English

Online event

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