What we're about

How do you...or did you... find a good contractor or material supplier when remodeling?

Where do you start? How do you go about finding the right people? Reputable & reasonable people? People you can trust?

Get information you need or share information that you have.

Join others who are curious, anxious or frustrated about how to find a good, reputable & reliable contractor for your home or remodeling or construction project?

This will also be a social group of sorts. Meeting at home industry or remodeling shows. We will also put together small seminars featuring guest speakers like architects & tradespeople. We will plan Small group tours of tile & granite and other trades suppliers like appliance or lighting distributors. and home centers from time to time. There will even be fun dinner or lunch get together's and house parties, where like minded people can share ideas or talk about their own projects past or future.

How would you like to be part of a community or place where people can offer you advice for home projects, share information or maybe YOU can do that for them?

Are you doing some small repairs and need a handyman or do you know of one? Are you remodeling a kitchen or bath, building a room addition or just need a plumber or a concrete guy? Or, do you have advice about your own experiences?

That's simply what this meetup is all about. Connecting with like minded people who can help take some of the guess work out of finding good contractors or where to get top grade or cost saving materials or products.

You will be connecting with people that can help, share information, ask for advice and so forth. Feeling like there is somewhere you can go to ask a question or share you're knowledge about remodeling, construction, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and more could prove to be invaluable, to you, to your home.

My name is Nick Cosentino and I am the organizer of this site and after 4 decades in construction I am thinking of retiring soon and I would like to stay active in the contracting community. I am a 40 year general contractor and I am not soliciting business. I know how important it is for someone to find the right contractor or get the correct advice or steered in the right direction to do so. I also think it's important that people have a place where they can share information with others. Many people have great tradesman (and gals) who have done remarkable jobs for them and would like to share that info too. There are also many material or supply companies (if you were doing a project) that are better than others, less expensive or better service.

Some of us look for that information and some of us have it to share.

I will even feature an Ask Nick discussion page, where you can take advantage of my 40 years of experience. If I don't have an answer for your question, I know many, many highly reputable, incredible contractors who I can ask for you. There will also be other members who might answer a question for you on the discussion page.

Connect with people who have been there, done that and know that answer.

So that's it. I would like this to be a fun, information gathering and unique meeting place and even a social (get together) group and would like YOU to be the newest member and be able to say...Hey, I have a guy for that!

Hope to help!


Nick Cosentino

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