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• What we'll do When a youngish white caucasian lady makes this statement and I quote: 'You can make all your dreams come through in Africa ' in a financial context, It does make you wonder why a lot of African & Caribbeans are not seeing the woods for the trees and the enormous amount of wealth creating opportunities that are begging to be capitalised on in Africa by solving human day to day challenges. As we dont believe in just talking but in talking and taking action, this event below is about how we plan to change the narrative as a Black Group with ambitions of doing Big Things on the continent as well as the UK and in the process TURBO ACCELERATE towards the creation of INTER-GENERATIONAL WEALTH with the ripple effect of benefiting our communities. ON THE DAY 1. Welcomes, Introductions & Networking 2. The Why/ The How/ The When/ Growth trajectory/Ambitions & Visions ? 3. Guest Speaker: Founder CEO of Leysons Integrated Services Nigeria 4. What is in it for you & The Black Unfair Advantage 5. Getting Paid 6. Investment Ideas we are eyeing up in the UK & Africa 7. Networking with like minded people from the black community 8. Jollof Rice & Moi Moi WHO THIS EVENT IS FOR 1. Ordinary Individuals who want to capitalise on the benefits of pooling resources to generate profits by solving human day to day challenges. 2. Ordinary individuals who want understand that sometimes in the beginning its better to work as a TEAM as Together everybody achieves more. 3. Ordinary Individuals who will like to capitalize on financial leverage of pooling resources together as a group to go after business opportunities in the UK and Africa 4. Ordinary people who have valuable skill sets they can bring to the table to turbo accelerate our growth as an organisation and individually will like to have a say or a vote in some of the decision making when it comes to investments we should pursue. 5. People who want to find out more about GroExpo Group . 6. Primarily Black Folks who also think its about time to start building wealth in our communities. ITINERARY 630 - 7:00pm : Arrivals, registrations & Networking, 7.05pm - 805pm : On The Day above Section 1- 3 805pm - 815pm : Break (Snack & Drink & best Jollof & Moi Moi if you paid ofcourse) 820pm - 915pm : On The Day above Section 4- 6 920pm-930pm The End , Networking & Exits from the building Stealing a quote from Dr Boyce Watkins, You will be amazed at how fast you can create that F.U MONEY and never be a slave to your employer ever again. Please note: We will be on Pan African Timing, meaning this event will wait for nobody and will start exactly on time and finish on time so arrive early and come and get excited. We look forward to connecting with you. Book Early as Super Early Bird Tickets are now available • What to bring • Important to know

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Any keen observer of Nigeria would attest to the painful state of the country's political and economic system - wrought by its own doing and undoing over the years. Based on critical observation - the sleeping giant of Africa cannot get itself back on the right track without critical reflection and strategy for a way forward by concerned citizens - citizens who can challenge the present thinking, who can offer fresh and innovative models to the status quo and are passionate about the future. This is a London meetup group of Nigerians and friends of Nigeria from around the world to come together and rub minds about the future of politics and the economy of the country. This group is not one to moan about the complexity of Nigeria's problems, but of planners, thinkers and strategists who can come up with ideas for ways forward as well as formulate practical strategies that can be implemented for change.

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To be a platform for like-minded Nigerians and friends of Nigeria, passionate about seeing positive development in Nigeria to come together for positive interaction and networking.

To bring about social good primarily in Nigeria through the implementation of various initiatives, projects or ventures etc of a commercial and/or philanthropic nature.

Do Note: Nigerian Thinkers is sponsored by GroExpo (A private Equity Group focused on all things African)

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