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If you're: interested in Jesus, but put off by organized religion; Christian, but watch where you say it; looking for either a supplement or an alternative to Sunday mornings; or simply an open-minded person in search of a regular supply of thoughtful conversations, then maybe Night Kitchen is for you. It's a salon for adults in search of reasoned, compassionate and useful answers to the moral and spiritual dilemmas of our time, open to persons of faith and skeptics alike.
When Jesus comes up, as he frequently does, our emphasis is on the fully human, "pre-Easter" Jesus, and the Night Kitchen approach to supernatural events in the Bible is metaphorical rather than literal. We spend a bit of each session getting to know each other, partly by sharing joys and concerns, but also in the process of exploring the theme du jour. What Night Kitchen is not: churchy, proselytizing, or dull! Meetings are via Zoom during the pandemic, Second Sundays at 7:00 PM. And they're free, but preregistration is required. Please message Linnea for the link.

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A Body Broken: Jesus and the Politics of 2020

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The Young and the Absent

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Midsummer Check-in

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Ultimate Concerns (or, The HiIls We'd Die On)

Second Christian Congregational Church (Downstairs)

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